Electric Big ruckus. 9200watts 100 mile range.

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    Do not worry about getting stranded on some back road with this bike. It has the largest battery capacity of any electric motor scooter on the market with 4.32 Kwh (5100 model), 5.04 Kwh (6100 model), and 6 Kwh (7100 model) capacity lithium battery. The T 7100 has demonstrated 100 mile range on asphalt roads. On dirt roads in testing the 5100 model bike was able to run distances of 70 miles / 113 km. The 5.04 Kwh capacity Model 6100 has run 85 miles / 137 km in dirt road testing. ZEV also offers controllers for the motors in different amp ranges so that the owners can obtain even more range if they do not need exceptional torque. This option can stretch range to 100 miles in certain conditions on the 6100 and over 100 miles on the 7100. Put this huge battery capacity in perspective. The battery pack in a Toyota Prius is only 1.6 Kwh. So the Model 6100 has a battery pack 3 times larger than the Toyota Prius car in terms of Kwh capacity. The model 7100 has 3.75 times more capacity that the car.

    HIGH PERFORMANCE OPTIONS - The 7100 is available in a high performance 8500 or 9200 watt version that sacrifices some range for a whopping change in attitude. If your commute is not long, you might enjoy smoking off everyone at the light for some serious going to work entertainment. $350 additional.

    What do you think? Just about the same price as a WR250r, but lower insurance costs, no gas costs and a great top speed(probably decent acceleration too). That kind of Li-on capacity is expensive. As the Big Ruckus keeps climbing in price, these might be a decent alternative. If I had a longer commute, and was going to keep it up for the next few years for sure, I'd definitely be interested. It would let me live in a way cheaper area, and avoid the associated gas costs. Nevermind the fact that it's way harder to steal, and I can park in all the good spots for little to no charge. :evil
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    These electric scooters sound too good to be true. Almost makes me want to have a commute. NOT.
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    Not a Honda Big Ruckus but a Chinese knock off with equivalent loss of quality. What you don't pay for in gas you pay in electricity.
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    About 10K out the door for the bigger model , and it's Chinese ? :eek1

    I think I'll stick with the gas powered Big Ruckus . :nod