Elite CH150 Mikuni VM26

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    Mar 4, 2013
    Just wanted to know if anyone has done this and has pictures to go with it. Also, whats the re-jetting process like? What exact carb did you buy?
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    I've tried the Chinese carbs... they're utter garbage. They can work, but they won't last long, and I found at least four major defects in the one I bought. If you plan on actually riding this thing, you can still buy most of the service parts for the carb from Honda. As long as the carb body isn't corroded internally, it should be all fixable with some new seals, a new air cutoff valve, and depending on condition, new jets and the list goes on... If the carb truly is junk, you can try a Chinese carb, just expect some hiccups.
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    The cylinder head architecture on the CH125, CH150, CH250, CN250, NSS250, and PS250 limits the amount of flow by using two smallish valves spaced close together, thwarting attempts at power gains by installing a bigger carburetor and less restrictive exhaust. The small distance between the valves, location of the spark plug, and the water jacket placement doesn't allow for installing bigger valves or porting either the intake or exhaust tract. That road is a slippery trail many have traveled and failed, the valves limit the power output regardless of carburetor and exhaust fitted. Small gains can be made by cleaning welds inside the exhaust and perhaps altering the valve lift and duration but Mother Honda got about maximum reliable output and fuel economy with the stock setup. One exception is the PS250 Big Ruckus which is jetted too lean; installing a 45/102 combination (similar to the Reflex) is said to perk them right up.