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Discussion in 'Old's Cool' started by andyhol, Jan 12, 2011.

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    I've been given this norton.

    The previous owner says its a 1928 350, but he honestly doesn't know.
    It was running (I belive) until 2006 when it was damaged by a big earthquake. It was then put into dryish storage (under a tarp) and has been there ever since...

    At first i thought it is a 16H, but they're side valve.
    It is OHV and has exposed valve gear. I have looked around and I dont have a clue what it is. I cant find any engine or frame no's anywhere. I'm gonna take another look later and post any clues I find.

    I will get this bike on the back on the road, it wont be original but the plan is any mods will be easily reversible. I want to be able to ride it not look at it. This may mean some newer components, but we'll see how bad things are first.
    It will take a long time too as I'm going back to the UK in a few weeks time,
    you coming along?

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  2. Houseoffubar

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    Definitely a Norton, looks to be a 350, but as for the year, a search of google images tells me anywhere from 1928-39. I'm not much help, but a great looking bike, Congratulations!:clap
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    As on the other thread, search from Model 50. I think that is what it might be if it is a 350. Probably mid 30's.

    Don't know where the numbers would be on one of those though. I wouldn't focus solely on 350 though, sometimes peoples memories aren't the best.