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    I've got a 1976 Honda Elsinore MT125. I bought it for $550 in July 2012, and I've slowly got it running over the past few months. So far, I have replaced the coil, the spark plugs, the rear inner tube, the carb boot, cleaned the carb and and added a flasher relay, turn signal bulbs and a brake ligh bulb. It runs and rides well, it's a blast in the corn fields, but I want to ride on the street. I have the title, I just finished the IDOT safety course, but now I need the headlight tailight brake light and horn working. The lights all work by themselves, but if the headlight and tailight are on at he same time, after a few seconds, they both go dim, and when the turn signals are flashing, the other lights flash opposite. I did a few tests, and with the taillight on, and the headlight off, I let the battery charge for 20 seconds, then turn the headlight on and turn the engine off at the same time. When it charged at 1500 rpm, the light lasted 2 seconds after the engine is off, at 3000, it lasted 5. Then I performed he same tests, but left the engine running. At 1500, the light lasted 4 seconds, and at 3k it lasted 9 seconds. I was told to start with checking the regulator. Where is it on the bike? What other problems might this be? Here is a video showing the problem. Cheers!
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    I just purchased a 75 mt125 for my girlfriend, been sorting through a bunch of problems, most are fixed now. :clap

    Your headlight and the blinkers are powered in different ways and should not be interacting the way you are demonstrating in the video. There are three coils on the stator as follows:
    1) delivers ignition to the coil
    2) delivers power to the headlight
    3) charges battery (battery powers all other lights, including blinkers)

    The stator is located behind the flywheel, left side of engine (where you adjust the points).

    From your video it appears you have a wiring problem, as your are trying to run the headlamp off the battery, which it can't do.

    Here is a link to an owners manual for your bike, including a wiring schematic. Shouldn't take too long to ID the problem with it: MT125 Owners Manual

    There is also a silicone rectifier which is under the left side cover (the only cover) and mounted on the frame of the bike. I don't believe that this is related to you lighting issue, which appears all wiring related.