Engineer's Pass, Colorado

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    Somthing to remember if doing any riding like this on a GS or any bike with ABS is to turn it OFF !!!!!!!! And remember to keep turning it off each time you stop.
    Middle of a steep decent is not the time to remember its working.
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    Of all the advice in this thread, the best two have been to just do it and to rent a dirt bike in Silverton. On a small bike you can do Engineer, Cinnamon, Ophir and Imogene, and be back in time for a cold one with plenty of sunlight. On a big bike you are in for a serious workout and your focus will stray from the absolute awesomeness of the area. Also, I disagree that Ophir is easier than Engineer. There are fewer tricky spots, but the terrain is looser and the penalty for a tip over is potentially higher. Whatever you decide, just do it!
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    Stephenws, I haven't seen any bad advice anywhere in this thread. There is so much to ride when you get down in that area, you will have fun no matter what you decide to try. You can feel your way along and do what feels good for you, and you can "escalate" it to whatever you want to try. There is the RMAR rally the end of July, and there will be many groups doing all levels of rides daily in that group, over Engineer, Cinnamon, Ophir, Last Dollar, Owl Creek Pass, just about every possible combination.

    You can do about anything with a GS around there, but it's all up to the rider's comfort factor and how much you care about what your bike looks like when you get done. :lol3 I've taken my GS over about everything down there except Poughkeepsie, and I'll freely admit that Black Bear wasn't done clean or pretty by any means, but then I don't care if I bend or dent something.

    You're guaranteed to have fun when you get there, as long as you keep that "fun factor" as a priority, and respect your limits and tolerances for pain.