erase all on Zumo 660?

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    I keep running into low memory with my Zumo 660. Somehow I have duplicates of all sorts of routes and things. I tried deleting all user data by pressing down on the bottom right corner of the screen while I turned it on. I clicked the delete all user data. I thought that would be it, but all my routes, favourites, etc are still there. Not sure what it actually deleted. How do I go about bring my Zumo 660 back to factory spec without deleting my maps? I have the lifetime updates, so would like to not have to reinstall the maps as that takes a while.
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    First, do you have an SD card in your Zumo?
    If so, then connect the Zumo to your computer, use your file system browser to access the files on the SD card and delete all the .gpx files you find there. (or if you want to keep them, take the SD card out of the Zumo while attempting to clean it).
    Now, while still connected, use the file browser to look in the Zumo storage folder GPX and delete all the .gpx files found there.
    Unplug the GPS and power it back up. Go to Tools, My Data. Somewhere there you will find a delete option. Select Favorites and delete all, select Routes and delete all. You can also delete all the TripLogs if you want.
    That should clean it up.
    If it does not work let me know and I'll get out my Zumo and walk through it to be sure.
    Meanwhile have a look here: for information on the files I'm talking about.
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