Ethanol Free Gas Petition

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    Jul 16, 2009
    I don't know if using E85 makes your bike any more eco friendly. Probably just the opposite like you said. Only thing I know is that it's a bit cheaper here.
    -RE85 1,07 € / litre, $5,35 / gallon. 85 % ethanol.
    -95E10 1,65 € / litre, $8,35 / gallon. 10 % ethanol.
    -98E5 1,70 € / litre, $8,61 / gallon. 5 % ethanol.

    And maybe I'm more interested about the fact could it be done than any real savings etc.
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    Jan 2, 2011
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    That's a big savings! Here, e-85 is only about 10% cheaper than 87 octane(90% gasoline/10% ethanol), and the fuel mileage suffers substantially when running it on E85 capable vehicles, eating up any cost savings.
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    If the powers that be woke up one morning and decided to get NREL or CSIRO to research a few things and acted on facts you could have your cake and eat it too. But the pollies knee jerked their way from one decision to the next and came up with a mess.

    There is nothing wrong with Ethanol itself, it's just it's often dumped into cheap fuel and sold with a bad formulation.
    There has been plenty of experience using alcohol fuels and as as an engineering problem it's not hard.

    It would have been way better if they just said that you can use either. 98RON on this side 108RON ethanol on the other.
    I am sure that a few manufactures would have taken advantage of that and come up with some serious alcohol burning super bikes / cars. 15:1 compression ratios and big power are all possible without any problems.

    Heck while you are at it why not get all that fracked gas and pig farts and nitrate it. Then you have a nice transportable liquid you don't have to compress to 10 million PSI called Nitromethane.

    You should be able to chase super bikes on a 125 using that stuff.

    Plenty of ways to skin a cat, just that the way it has been implemented makes Monty Python skit look serious.