Etrex Legend CX or 60 series for woods/mountains?

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by Python423, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Python423


    Jun 14, 2006
    Sweetwater, TN
    I'm GPS newbie and after slightly researching I've found what I consider to be my best option which would be the Legend CX for $237 plus 50 rebate (under 200). The Vista is a step up for 40ish dollars to add altimeter and digital compus but from what I can tell on comparsion site, it only has 20 hour battery life, where the legend has 35. From what I can tell the Legend has a compas while u are moving? and does it have an altimeter while your moving also?

    I'd spend the extra 40 just for a couple more features but to scrafice battery life also? I dunno, I belive I stick with the Legend??

    Another huge issue I need to know is how will the etrex legend pickup in heavily woods areas, and in the national forests/mountains? that is main reason I am buying it. I understand the 60 series has a better receiver .. But if there is no major issues with the etrex in mountains,etc. I'd rather save the extra money ($190 verus $340ish with rebates). UNLESS for some reason the etrex just pickup like crap in the mountains and woods and it is almost necessary to get the 60 series?? can anyone advise?? I mainly start out want to use it in tellico, and orv area, all the forest service roads , cherokee county,monroe county, and around.. , Windrock (oliver springs,tn)etc.

    Can somone advise?
  2. tbirdsp

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    Mar 22, 2002
    Almost ANY GPS will give you compass as soon as you move a few feet and altitude computed by GPS.
    If reception is a "huge" issue for you, I'd go with the 60Cx. The receiver is really excellent. Battery life? You should hard wire the thing to your bike anyway (60 is easier as it can take 12 volts, eTrex needs a converter).
    Personally I like the layout of the 60Cx better (buttons on the front).
    Did you decide on mapping software yet? You will need it.
    You can get the 60Cx for 359-50 = $309 at
  3. Mike955i

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    Jun 24, 2005
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    I recently switched from a Legend to a 60CSx and unless lowest possible cost is THE big issue I would strongly recommend the newer 60/76Cx/CSx line. The new sirf chips are faster and the reception is much better (especially in a car or building), larger screen, much easier to hardwire (takes 12v direct) and (IMO) much easier to use. I am also an advocate of the compass feature because it's just a pain in the ass to try comparing a map and the GPS without it (because the GPS screen skews randomly unless moving without the compass sensors). If you never need to find your lost self on a map this may matter less to you than me.

    Also, the ability to do dynamic routing is AWSOME if you use the unit for any on-road or in the car trips. I didn't really think this was that interesting until I traveled to Chicago recently and had the GPS "create" a route between O'Hare and my hotel in Bloomingdale and then lead me to it turn by turn. Now I wonder what the hell I was thinking; that feature is awsome! Also, the POI database makes it real easy to find the things you need (nearest gas, ATM, Dairy Queen, etc). Very nice indeed.

    I picked my 60CSx up on Amazon about 5 months ago for $399 and they're asking $409 now. Seems like a decent price.

    Hope this was useful, good luck......Mike

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    Definitely a significant difference in reception when in tree cover, etc. Now if you are in a deep canyon it may be a moot point since rock blocks signal pretty effectively :D

    This makes it more convenient when managing track logs (since the unit creates new ones after losing signal), but you can also edit track logs manually if you need to.

    One other thing to consider is that the eTrex is was designed for handheld operation while walking, with a variety of the control buttons mounted on the side of the unit. Not a major deal (and you'd never push buttons while riding, right? :evil ), but something to consider.

    Reasonable price compromise would be to go 60 Cx and skip the compass / altimeter, but get the better reception....