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    Greetings Adventure Riders,
    Euro MotoElectrics has been actively increasing its selection of parts for BMW, Moto Guzzi, and Ducati. I'd like to share with everyone a few of the new items we are carrying.

    First of all, if you are unfamiliar with the Euro MotoElectrics we supply NEW aftermarket and OEM parts for BMW, Moto Guzzi, and Ducati. We began selling primarily electrical parts such as Charging systems and starters and have expanded our product inventory to include ignition components, maintenance items, fuel injection parts, batteries, along with various other items.

    We have recently renovated our site navigation system. All of the parts available from EME are now searchable by Make and Model! We're hoping these new categories will make shopping with EME easier than ever. You will still have to check the "Extended Info" tab to verify the specific model indicator (i.e. GS, RT, etc.) and year.

    EME is now carrying Beru stick coil (coil-over-plug) replacements for BMW R Oilhead, K, and F models. The Beru stick coils have a stainless steel jacket to protect the coils from cracking. Read more here.

    We also now have a full selection of Oxygen sensors for BMW R Oilhead, F, G, K, Moto Guzzi, Ducati, and Triumph with three brands to choose from, Bosch, NTK, and EnDuraLast/Denso. You can find our complete selection here.

    Crank mounted Digital ignition Systems for BMW R Airhead with the Bosch 3-phase alternators are also now available from EME. The only difference between this digital ignition system and the digital ignition for the EnDuraLast 450watt alternator is the sensor unit. The Digital Ignition system for Bosch alternators uses a optical light sensor rather than a hall effect sensor. You can learn more about this new ignition system here.

    We now have an alternative to the EnDuraLast 450watt permanent magnet system as well. The EnduraLast II charging system has a maximum output of 400watts using the Bosch design for only $299.00. The EnDuraLast II is very similar to the Omega Charging System from Motorrad Elektrik. You can learn more about the EnDuraLast II here.

    Other than that we are about to introduce a full selection of Mahle fuel, air, and oil filters. Mahle is the OEM of the filters that are sold by the BMW dealer and will be available from EME at a fraction of the price! Follow us on Facebook for new product introductions, sales, and more!

    To those of you who have ordered from us in the past thank you for your business and support! We strive to support the BMW motorcycle community in any way we can and will continue to sell high quality parts at attractive prices!

    And please feel free to send us some feedback here, or in a reply to this post.

    Happy Trails,
    -EME Team