Excel Takasago rims Orange Color

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    Hi i am looking for a set of rims for my 990 in orange color and i have seen these up for sale at twalcom site , but after getting in contact they don't have them even if they have them in the description.

    Can anybody tell me a good site in where to get them?

    '' The Excel Takasago rims can be combined with the original hub of KTM 950/990 adventure for maxim strength, combined with the reinforced steel spokes and nipples.

    Available in black color in the following sizes: 1.60 x 21 - 1.85 x 21 - 2.15 x 21 - 2.50 x 18 - 4.25 x 18.

    Any tires, brake discs and sprockets to complete the article have to be considered for demonstration use.

    Available in orange color in the following sizes: 2.15 x 21 - 4.25 x 18.''

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