Exploring Denny Mountain on a KTM 990 Adventure

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    Apr 13, 2011
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    Here's a link to a video showing how I spent my Sunday afternoon, February 26th, 2012 on my 2011 KTM 990 Adventure. I did a 143 mile loop through the Prescott National Forest, north of Prescott, Arizona, in the vicinity of Denny Mountain. (The 990's fuel range is ~ 150 miles)

    My GPS device geeked out in the trees around Camp Wood, and by the time I hit the rocks, I had lost my Forestry Service Road Map. Fortunately, I had studied the routes on the map carefully beforehand, had plenty of survival stuff in my tank bag (including my SPOT 2), and a good sense of direction. It's a good thing, because it had snowed two nights before and was supposed to get down to 30ยบ F that night.

    The ride took a bit longer than I figured, so when I wound up getting back to my friend's house, it was after dark. The gnarlyest part of the trek isn't shown on the video, due to my GoPro camera battery dying partway through the ride. It was a ~ mile-long, uphill section, near Smith Mesa -- strewn with rocks from football size to medicine-ball size (boulders, actually) -- not too fun. I swapped out the GoPro battery and moved on. (I certainly didn't want to go back, just for the sake of good video footage.)

    I wouldn't advise starting out at 2:30 in the afternoon, in winter, to ride an unfamiliar route (like I did); riding this route alone (like I did); or loosing your map partway through (like I did). The Forestry Service map had designated the rocky stretch as being "Graded Road", a designation with which I take particular issue. I learned some good lessons on trip planning -- just for future reference.

    The last half was challenging, but it sure beat goin' to church!

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    Nicely done... those quick rides always have there twist and turns. Seems I've been in the same situation, maps gone, electronic devices haywire, darkness approching, road to trail and fuel a constant concern. Give us more like that!:clapKJ