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    I wanted to mention this here, and then extend an invitation to everyone who might see this.

    BLUF - Biker Monkey of bikermonkeyblog.com has published his projected 2013 riding schedule

    His rides are conducted within the rules and provisions laid out by the Iron Butt Association. If you meet the requirements for documentation/finishing the ride you should have zero issue in relation to IBA verification.

    I have been on 3 of the rides he has hosted and I have had a blast. In 2012 I was able to do the following
    1 - Saddle Sore (1k miles in 24 hours)
    1 - SS2K (2 thousand miles in 48 hours or less)
    1 - BBG (Bun Burner Gold - 1,500 miles in 24 hours or less)

    okay fluff/filler from here forward -

    I've posted about my moving to Texas from Iowa and finding out about - bikermonkeyblog.com, and finishing my 1st Official Iron Butt Association ride, in the Road Warriors section of the forum. However that section didn't seem 100% right for posting. This is certainly not a cut and paste of the previous. If however it doesn't meet the guidelines I understand.

    I was on http://www.ironbutt.com/about/default.cfm looking at the schedule of rides hoping to find something to do. There was a note on the calendar about a long distance ride being hosted by bikermonkey. The details of the ride called out that this ride was to raise money for a local cancer research charity. The 'entry' level ride for IBA is the Saddle Sore which is 1k miles in 24 hours or less. By this point I had done 4 of them but had yet to get credit. No credit was all due to my own procrastination, and or not reading the words of wisdom. 1 ride I didn't bother submitting because I had put nothing in zip lock bags, witness form, gas receipts everything ruined. I still have ziplocks of receipts floating around on book shelves etc.

    Anyway getting to the point, I found out about the ride on friday night, and saturday morning I was on my 09 RoadKing heading to Adams Smith Harley-Davidson the rides start/end point. Bikermonkey and some helpers were able to be witnesses for the riders, and took care of all the paperwork submissions etc. All we had to do was fill out some blanks during the ride to prove we had done the route. The route took us down to houston, across through San Antonio, up to Big Springs and back to the dealer shop that sits about halfway between Dallas and Ft Worth. Only receipts we had to worry about was one from each 'corner' city. Since the ride was entirely in Tx and that means Tx highway speeds I was able to comfortably finish the 1k miles in 17 hours. This was in March so the weather was still pretty nice. The other thing about the ride that made it rather nice was a mix of highway and state roads. You hear all the time you just cannot make up the time in the last half of the ride if you manage it poorly in the first half. On something like 1k miles in 24 hours it isn't a big deal at all. However at 1,500 miles in 24 hours time management is essential. On this ride it was highway for most of the morning. I45 from dallas to houston, I10 across. However about noon the route took you off the highway. On to good old Texas back state roads. Single lane in each direction, wide shoulders for the trucks and farm/ranch equipment to move onto when cars come up on them. Views were great, although I will admit not nearly as great as some of the pics on the front page. However as long as you were on schedule you were back on the highway at night fall. In my opinion there was nothing wrong with that. It was nice to heading back to the finish, knowing it was dark out and I wasn't missing a view anyway.

    Not sure it anyone is much interested in the SS2k. I can go into more detail if anyone is interested. The route in general though was - Dallas, Albuquerque NM, Bluff Utah, Grand Canyon, Flagstaff Arizona, Dallas. It was actually a fantastic ride, and I met some really cool folks, Including a guy riding his scooter from Chicago to Ca on Route 66. I ended up putting over 9k miles on my RoadKing in 3 months, and roughly 20k over 2012. I cannot wait for 2013.