F6/8, 12 or Leloos Multipass?

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by Emperor Norton, Aug 21, 2010.

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    Let's start here.

    I have a massive two years riding experience (for those that missed it, thats pure unbreaded/unleaded sarcasm). This two years has been split between HWY 1 and the SF/metro area. I currently have a Ducati 695 monster. While for the most part I do like the bike there are a few issue areas:
    1. Ergos: for commuting for a short blast from A -> B -> A it's fine. Anything else and my not overly aerodynamic body is not happy with me.

    2. Dunnage: I have the race termis/chip: That is the bike has the mfg after market pipes and chip kit. It performs FAR better on a bay area cold morning than it used to (no more stalling at red lights/stop signs). However Im not thriilled I needed to invest this $$ to get the bike to behave "correctly". However this precludes tail bags/pannier placed baggage.

    3. Fuel: Quite frankly, having to stop and put gas in every 2nd day of commuting sucks the dogs bollocks.

    4. Repair/maint time: While I do <3 my local duc dealer for what theyll take to DNA as a warranty issue, I've not been overly thrilled with the as of late "yah, wait 2+ weeks to get maint done and then pay through the nose". I bought a bike to ride the biatch, not look good as a hangar queen.

    All that being said I have an upcoming set of rides with the most local Barbarian Motor Werks dealer to use: The F800GS and a 1200GS (or similar). What I do like about my local shop (Triump/Duc) is that theyll pick up/drop off a borked bike. I doubt very much the localist BMW dealer will do this. What I don't like is the current wait time (can you say only moto dealer/repair in the county). I'm inseam challenged but found the f650gs w/short seat and the 1200/w short seat + short suspension to be at or below what I want. The 800 normal and 1200 normal were either a PITA or similar to deal with due to my lack o'inseam. They were a wee bit much for me, but for all of the beemers I <3 heated grips, abs, center stand. The only now BMW bike Im looking at is a Ducati Multi 1200. Sorry, until dealerships emerge/re-emerge its either runway models from milan or oktoberfest for me. I mostly ride supeslab for commute (Californias 1 for fun) and may at one point do actual adventure riding (eg: SF to AK/CA or the like). So the F800GS offroad is a "meh" to me. I guess Im asking for those that have owned different varietals fo bikes to chime in as to what I should be focusing on.

    At the end of the day, what say you (and why?) F650GS. F800, 1200GS or Multi1200ABS?
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    The 1200 is an old man's touring bike, the 650 is a cheap girls bike, and the 800 is by far the best bike ever to be manufactured by humans, German or otherwise.

    If I had to pick just one, it would be Leeloo Dallas every time. :deal
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    Find yourself a beautiful red 1997 VFR 750 and commute to your heart's delight. Plenty of power, great looking and when the time comes for adventure you'll be able to sell it for only a small loss. Best reason: it's a Honda--just change the oil and ride, ride, ride.