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    Hi guys (and girls) :D

    Last year at around this time I've decided that the ER6n which I've been riding for the past 4-5 years is not my "ideal" bike.
    Don't get me wrong it is an awesome piece of machine, but I would like to get a little dirty. I got dirty with the Kwak but, because I am not its only rider I really can not afford to drop it (I am sharing it with my brother [thanks dad :wink:]). And the fact that I can not ride when ever I want kind of pisses me off :evil (I have no problems with sharing, but some thing should be sacred, am I right or am I right:lol2).
    Not to mention that that "fat" front 17'' is not good.

    So, for the past 10 months or so, I have been researching/looking at the local market (Slovenia) and found out, that I think I would be happy with something like a BMW- F650Gs (if luck holds a Dakar version of course :D) or a Honda- XLV650 TransAlp.
    My wish is tarmac 60% - off road 40% --> when I write "off road" I mean gravel, forest service/logging roads, nothing crazy (I will do that when I get some experience and €€€ to buy a serious hard enduro).
    I also like to take trips, so 500-600km per day are A MUST (don't like 4 cylinders, and don't have enough € to get 3 :evil ).

    Oh yes, I am looking for a bike not older than year 2000 and my budget is going to be max 3500€ (there is a lot of motorcycles for that amount) so that puts me between production years of 2000-2005. Also I am not buying for 1 or 2 years, but more or less till the poor thing drops down of wear and tear.

    I've read a lot of internet sites, a lot of forums (btw I like this one better than any I've seen so far:deal), a lot of tests/reviews but not a lot of comparisons.
    Now, when I think about it, I know a lot about the BMW but not much about the Honda.
    Still I can't get completely convinced.
    The thing is, that I would like to buy somewhere in the middle or late June (in my book, this means time is a bit short).

    So, what I've found out so far.

    The BMW can come with: ABS and heated grips which for me is a big BIG "+" (on the ER6 I don't have any of the two, but I think ABS is a good idea, heated grips --> yes please :nod) but it has only one disc on the front wheel (is it enough). Also the bad thing about that I found out about the GS is the hot air that comes from under the fake gas tank (not so bad in the cold winter days :D).

    The Honda on the other hand has two cylinders (and they are V, don't know why, but that makes me giggle like a 5 year old girl :lol3 and I do like it :clap, the V that is :D ).
    So from the vibration point of view it is better, on the other hand tests say that BMW does not vibrate
    so much. Also the TransAlp has two discs on the front wheel.

    The motors are both 650s, so BMW should have more torque on low revolutions which in theory should be better in dirt and sticky situations. Top speed is not a factor, on the tarmac I like it between 95-105km/h (57mi/h-65mi/h) [yes I know it is over the limit, but hell, I'm not perfect]. The factor that is important, is the acceleration (almost as important as deceleration) when overtaking. Are they capable of getting you moving at the twist of the wrist, or do you have to down shift like an angry monkey?
    (I really like the engine and transmission on the Kwak, it really moves you, if and when you want :D ).

    The thing that is important to me (about the engine) is the kms' the motorcycle have. Most of them on the market are between 25000-50000km (depends on the year).
    Is that a lot for any of the two? Mostly I am worried about the BMW. I have not found any serious defect on the internet for any of them (did I miss something). And also I'm relying on the fact, that this type of motorcycles have a far less chance of being driven in the "red" zone (compared to SS or some naked rockets). Providing that they were taken care of (which I will never know for sure, but I suppose that is the risque with second hand motors).

    A determining factor is the price of parts and services, but I suppose e bay and a "friendly" service man can even the odds in this department, still the HOnda has a "+" here.

    I'm on the BMW side right now, and I don't want to make a decision on "what I'll get with the motorcycle" (panniers, engine guards and the like) or because it says GS on the side:poser (not to mention Dakar).
    As much as I hate their tin cans I really like their motorcycles (can't say the same for Honda, don't like any :D:D:D).

    So in short.
    Why should I choose the Honda in stead of the BMW or. vice versa.

    Mostly I am interested in opinions of riders that have ridden both.



    Sorry for any spelling mistakes, like I've said: "Not perfect."

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    _/\_/\_________/\_ ... Sorry ... for a second there I think the Transalp nearly bored me to death! :lol3