F650GS Twin Or 800 throttle test.

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    Apr 12, 2009
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    Hi all , I just brought my F650GS (2009)to the dealer for the 1000km checkup. Now i,d like all owners to try this with their twin or 800 gs (others welcome to try this also) And report here with the results. I'm picking up my bike in 2 days so this gives us plenty of time to see if it's a major problem and put pressure on BMW.
    Here goes: People have been complaining about the engine quiting once in a while or snappy / jurky throttle. This is what I want you to try. Start your bike, let it warm up a few min and grab the throttle (in nutral or geared doesn't mater really) . Now concentrate and try to open the throttle as less as you can. It's like if your hand doesn't move at all , a very smallllll pressure to 'TRY' to open the throttle . It'll take a while before you get it . I want you to report if it did something. When I do this with mine the engine quits. Whe I hit that spot, revs start going down a little , then if I hold it there it dies. Dealer today couldn't explain why and had no answer. They certenly said it was not normal and can relate why the throttle is jerky on my bike.
    Try it , it only takes a few min . Do you have or had this problem?