f700 vs r1200 for the same price

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    First off the topic is repeated but it seem to fit in both categories at the same time, I hope it's ok.

    I'm a noob in this site but I've done a little research around, therefor I know this is a usual topic in this forum, while there's a lot of information I'd like to get a little more personal advice, and hecK!, I feel that forums are for that.

    I'm a prospect GS owner, Triumph, KTM and Ducati have a poor support in here, A Suzuki lacks on electronic aids, I guess that's all, no more options for me in Mexico

    Currenty I own a Harley XL1200R 2008 wiith several mods wich led me tobelieve i belog better in the GS kind of likes of riding. It has ricor suspension front and rear, windscreen, hella micro DE lights, pelican hard cases and a D and D carbon fiber exhaust. The power is enough even more than what's a real necesity but the load capacity, size and safety are unfulfilling.

    I've put 17000km on it during this year and started traveling with my wife, but after a weekend of 2000km we realized we would be much better in a bigger, taller Bike, of all given that we like to leave the tarmac every now and then.
    Almost a year ago i Bought this, my first motorcycle to see what it feels like to have a bike and I loved it, we did actualy but it's time to move on.

    Right now I can't afford to get another bike and keep this one so I'll put the money from this bike to my next purchase wich will be either a used R1200GS or GSA or a new F700gs with all the optional electronic aids.

    I live in Mexico and we want to travel to Canada in August and to Brasil on December, and it's possible on the sportster, we even like a bit the raw feeling of it but sure it will be easier on another bike.

    We are both tall, huge for mexican standards: I'm 1.87m and 99Kg (6'2" and 218lbs) and she's 1.73m and 60Kg (5'8" and 132lbs). Combined, and with riding gear we add about 175 kg. To be able to pack our stuff load capacity is a real issue.

    This weekend I had a little accident which injured my middle left finger and on the way back I drove a friend's Dakar insted of my bike, 2up.
    I had driven a 2004 f650gs alone and I realized that even with the dakar We could travel but again the bike felt a little short for both of us, and we would be able to pack the cases empty for not to exceed the bike's load capacity.

    I'd really apreciate the observations you could make about why one could be better suited for us consigedring the following:

    The accident i had would have been avoided on a GS bike (with hand guards), that's not the only reason but it's trigger for the this choice.

    The use will be about 90% tarmac, the traffic is horrible then I no longer use my jeep and I comute on the bike ina daily basis.

    Most of the weekends we visit a small town or restaurant, sometimes near by sometimes several hundred kilometers away.

    We are a big couple but we know we fit on the F700.

    The load capacity of both bikes is almost identical (the f700 is the winner by a little margin)

    Tge GSA has a much better autonomy and rugged suspension.

    The price is practically the same for a new F700 and a 2008 R1200.

    The new electronics leave both bikes as equals in safety.

    The r1200 has much more torque.

    The f700 has better fuel efficency.

    The f700 has factory warranty.

    The r1200has already depreciated and will hold a better resale value.

    I have experience in rides up to 4000km for longer rides the experience of the fellow adventures will be gold to me.

    Thanks for those with the endurance to read my post and any suggestions and observations will be taken into account.


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  2. SOP Dirt-Rider

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    Hands down, F700GS. If touring were the primary reason, the 1200, if off road is in your future the smaller bike will be your friend. Balance out how much off road you will do and the type of off road, solo and 2 up. If it is less than %20 the 1200 is your choice.
    Did I add to the confusion? The 1200 is a handfull, capable off road, but still a handfull off road, the 700 will be so much more fun off road. But touring? If I were in the commute scenario you mentioned I would be on the 700.
    Still confused? Buy a winning lottery ticket and get em both:clap
  3. epicxcrider

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    Get the R1200. Bigger, better suspension (especially on the roads down there), better 2up, better highway cruiser.
  4. vtbob

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    the f700 is new and the 1200 is used. How much used? How many miles, condition, warrantee

    How often will you be riding two up? on highways or on dirt?

    the big GS is a better highway two up tourer. It is not bigger ..just more powerful ..much less gas milage

    The 700 is a better all around bike, especially in dirt.

    Ride them both...buy the one that makes you smile the most.

    I chose the F650gs over the R1200GS and do not regret the decision at all.

    In fact I just tried the new water cooled GS....I'm keeping my F650GS