F800GS owners.......A Penny for your thoughts...

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by y2blade, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Loutre

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    Nov 28, 2010
    Well still good news! I'm waiting for it :D. just don't wait for the easter bunny to get you
  2. Steveman

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    Sep 14, 2011
    First, good to meet someone who owned more bikes than me (had only 32, currently 4) :)

    Tested the big GS and hopped on the F8 right afterwards. It felt indeed a bit weak as it does not have the grunt of the big GS. However, coming from the knee dragger fraction I promised my wife to buy something slow. So where I live it has been said that GS riders are old, slow and ugly :)
    Its true, I am too, except I am not slow.... However I hated the big GS for its fork. Never ever experienced that it is possible to ride without feeling anything from the front wheel. Plushy feel. The F8 is more nimble, gives me better feeling and is way quicker in the twisties. So I bought the F8, which I think is ugly but not as bad as the 1200 which I think is the ugliest bike ever. OK, a Hayabusa is even worse lol. But I dont say any GS is a bad bike, no they are indeed very good and that they are ugly is not a problem for me. I see them more as a tool, so nothing to fall in love with....

    There are things I hate, like the brake fluid reservoir designed by idiot or the foot brake lever which cant be adjusted for riding offroads, the darn tank which spills fuel all over the bike if you dont hold the pump nozzle in the correct way, the fookin tach and speedo which look like egg timers and the service intervalls which are a bad joke.

    But I like its nimble feel compared to the big 1200, the excellent brakes, although the ABS is old school and not half as good as the one from KTM. I also like that if you really try you can find an angle from where the F8 looks nice (which is not possible if you try it with a 1200). I like the seat. YES I DO! Ihave no problem with it. Well, my butt hurts with any seat after 300kms. When I jump on the F8 after I've ridden my KTM 690 it feels definitely very comfy.
    I also like the throttle response and have zero problem with it. I know many riders complain about it, I dont cause I can handle it off and on roads, so no problem there. You can ride it really quick if the tires are not the limiting factor, it has some vibes and yes they can be annoying as they are exactly where one uses to cruise. At around 5000 which is in 6 gear at approx 110kpm. Gearing? One tooth less on front sprocket? Come on, not really if you use it onroads, its short geared ex works and one tooth less makes it even worse, although it helps off roads.

    Overall a nice bike, a bit heavy and a bit ugly though...... :)

    Cheers Steve

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  3. Shooby

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    Dec 28, 2012
    San Diego
    Had it for a month and 500 miles now. Love the bike. The seat? not so much:huh. First order of business is a Sargent seat.