F800GS w/Rox Risers---cure for tight line

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by myblubeemer, Mar 31, 2010.

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    I recently installed the 1.75" Rox risers designed to use the existing brake and clutch lines on the F800GS. While they did work as advertised, the front brake cable was still stretched pretty tight when at full lock. Looking at it after comments from a friend, I realized that the lower banjo fitting for the brake line sticks straight out and makes almost a 90 degree bend. To relieve the stretched line, I simply took my channel lock pliers and carefully bent the metal part of the cable upwards a bit. That little bit made a big difference. Now the bike can be turned from lock to lock without over stretching the brake line. Here is a pic....sorry for the quality.


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    I installed the same one but never had that problem! I took them off the F8 and put them on the GSA cause the Nav III mount for the F8 wouldn't line up on the bolt holes center to center for the Rox risers as they do on the stock handlebar setup. They were wider so it didn't work at all! They need to extend the part that holds the handlebars another 1/4" to make it work.

    Oh...I had my F8 handlebars forward so I don't know if that makes a difference for the stretch?
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    Purchased 1 3/4" rox risers and found that the brake lines on my ABS model 800gs were to tight for my liking. So I took the stock line off and reversed it, bled the line at the brake lever bleeder port and now have plenty of room and now wish I would have bought the 2" risers.
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    You can also remove that brake line and flip it so the banjo on top becomes the banjo on the bottom**.

    **Someone else discovered this somple fix many posts ago - can't remember who but I can't take credit for it.