Fab'd up a headlight protector

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    Could only find one headlight protector for the 950 SE and it's yellow ... no thanks!

    Super easy to build your own!

    1. Hit Home Depot for -
    ---- small sheet of Lexan - $5 (I got a bigger sheet though for $13 but the small $5 one will do.)
    ---- heat gun (1000 degree model) - $23
    ---- Industrial Velcro - $4 (I bought white ... on second thought shoulda gotten the black ... see pics.)
    ---- 320 grit sand paper - $4
    ---- small metal saw - $5
    ---- Tot = $41

    2. Cut Lexan to desired shape.

    3. Sand edges smooth.
    ---- I layed the sand paper on the flat cement garage floor and just ran the edges of the cut Lexan smooth.

    3. Bend Lexan with heat gun.
    ---- I laid it over a 2" wooden dowel (it's all I had laying around).
    ---- Put the gun on the 1000 degree setting.
    ---- Hold approx 3-4 inches from Lexan and act like you're graffiting ... I mean spray painting ... sweep back and forth in slow even motions.
    ---- As soon as the Lexan begins to fold, lay down the heat gun and bend the Lexan to desired shape. I used 2 rags to insulate my hands.
    ---- Mine didn't quite bend in the center. But it still works ... I'm planning on making a much larger one with the left over Lexan later.

    4. Cut Velcro.
    ---- Place headlight protector in desired location.
    ---- Stick the two halves of the Velcro together.
    ---- Place Velcro underneath with the backing still on it.
    ---- Mark with a pen where to cut.
    ---- Cut Velcro.
    ---- Do both sides.
    ---- Remove backing and stick Velcro to Lexan.
    ---- Remove backing on other side.
    ---- Hold headlight protector in the exact location you want it and press to bike.

    5. Take pictures and post on advrider.com ... :evil

    As stated, mine is bent a little (ok, a LOT) off center but it's not bad for prototype #1.