Fair / Target Price for Zumo 550?

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    I'm planning on picking up a GPS, and the Zumo 550 comes highly rated. Obviously they're out of production, but what's a fair price to pay for a used one? The market seems to be all over the place between $300 for one seemingly glued into its' cradle, to $600 for like-new versions.

    What's a fair price to pay?
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    I'd say $300 for the unit without any cradles is pretty much the going rate for one that's in great shape. The $600 end usually includes a bike and car cradle and maybe a memory card and the latest maps.

    Just keep in mind the bike cradle and power cables for the 550 are kinda expensive.
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    I think the Zumo 550 is one of the best; I have a Zumo 450 which I like very much.
    The units have City Navigator on them which is a good road map but you really need it on your home computer too. If you buy a 550 used I don’t believe you will have that.
    Perhaps we can get a definitive answer to that question?

    $600 for a discontinued unit seems like to much too me. I think you can get a new Montana for $500 or less. But you will likely want City Navigator with it and you will need to buy that too
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    A locking mount from Touratech for the 550 is $200. I've seen package deals where a 550 with locking mount with Ram mounting accessories, hard wire kit, XM radio puck and puck mount, extra cradles and card cradle for $600. You can but a new unit for less but your not done. Without the XM radio, that would take $100 from the deal to make $500 be about right.

    I agree that $300 is good for a unit. A locking mount should go for about $140, XM puck if you want one are going for $100. (you'll still need a mounting platform). The extras like hard wire kit, any added Ram mounts, memory sticks are an extra $50-$60.