Find US Tours on this interactive map incl. GPS files

Discussion in 'Americas' started by lacosta, Dec 16, 2011.

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    A bit of self-promo, eh? But worthwhile, so OK.

    As a testimonial: I may be even a charter subscriber to Road Runner, from the early beginnings of the magazine - long before Christian's unfortunate sidecar accident.

    It's a great publication: good paper, glossy - high quality. Trip stories pretty useful (I like the details of places to stay, though the writers sometimes take the easy way out, by recommending national chain accommodations). I wish there were more trip stories about the Northeast - unless, maybe, ours is a boring neighborhood... :cry

    The insert paper maps are a nice gimmick, but not very useful. What I do not like is that there seem to be more and more bike reviews filling the space. Makes Road Runner more like Cycle World - I skip these sections. Makes it much like other moto rags and I'd rather peruse/skip reviews in Cycle World instead. I like the recent additional focus on scooters. Not appropriate in my circumstances, but neat nevertheless. That's unique - not like other moto rags.

    Question: I see that digital edition is offered. That may be something to consider. My paper copies of Road Runner are piling up and I have to toss them eventually, though I'd like to preserve the trip stories for future reference. So, in this case, digital may be the way to go.

    Are digital versions identical to paper? Is there a way to see a sample copy of a past digital issue?
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    Thanks for the kind words Robert!!

    Subscribers can access the digital versions of every issue they have in print. If you go to the drop down menu in line one called "Issues", take the 3rd option "My Digital Issues". You have to create an account and link it to your subscription so it knows which issues to list.

    Quick Link:

    The digital versions appear exactly like the printed ones. They work great on the iPad as well. Here's a preview:

    Try using the "interactive tour map" to find tours in the north east. The tool makes it fast and easy to spot tour, and lets you see the GPS outlines.
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    I've ridden a couple of their Shamrock trips. Just download the gps file, load into the Zumo, and go. Worked very well. No other place has the same MO, so proper respect to them !
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    Personally I find the ride reports formulaic, but still useful and containing details sometimes lacking in other mags. They are sort of like an old Zane Grey story: the basic plot never changes though the names do. But I love the number of photos you use; more than the narrative they tell me a lot about the terrain and conditions.

    I'd really like to see options for accommodations other than hotel chains that are usually in cities. Where's the adventure in a Holiday Inn? How about matching the bike to the conditions? Your recent report on the Adirondacks is a case in point. Why bother reporting that you took Road A only part way before turning back when it turned to gravel, or that Road B's pavement was so rough you again turned back to the Road More Traveled? A GS or V-Strom would have allowed you to see and report on much more of that awesome park!

    Overall a decent mag, but one that could be energized a bit. I'll probably renew just to see what you do with it.