finnaly a dirt road!!!!!

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    Jun 28, 2010
    Ventura, California / Bucharest, Romania
    was out exploring some country roads today and i came to a dirt road!

    yay i like dirt

    so i ride maybe another 1/4 mile and i come to this

    boo i dont like gates

    and one of my bike for the fun of it :) the sign says "no parking any time" and it had alot of bullet holes in it

    i love riding off road but tragically where i live there are almost no places to do so :cry and to be completely honest i kinda knew it was going to be short. iv been wanting to ride this road forever but a few miles before this section there is a gate so iv never ventured past that. i recently went to the government center to investigate and found that it was indeed public road up to the gate in this picture. i also found out that all the people up there didnt like the road being public and tried numerous times to get it to be privet, that would explain why the road was litered with "no-trespassing" signs (seriously im not joking every single place they could possibly put a sign they did lol)