First ADV ride report...

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    Well, this will be brief and sans pics for now, but I'm hoping to be a make the shift from lurker to active member.

    So, back in April I picked up a '97 F650 ST. It has a bunch of goodies; Jesse bags, fresh paint, recent motor work, aftermarket windshield, aftermarket rear shock, new water pump etc, etc, etc. Plus, it was a super deal!!!

    I've been tinkering and riding it since then and it's been awesome! I'm averaging about 50 mpg, and that's pretty mixed riding; I work for Outward Bound and live 15 miles up in Pisgah National Forest outside Brevard, NC.

    Today I left the basecamp, headed up to the Tail of the Dragon via the Blue Ridge Parkway and got 2 laps in before the rain started. I was there between 12pm and 1:30pm riding a black '97 F650 St with black Jesse bags and I was also rocking out a cape. My uncle is an active member so I knew to give the proper salute to the camera guys.

    I'll try and get some photos and attach 'em later.

    Later y'all and if anyone ends up around WNC and wants to ride then let me know.
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    Cmon noob. welcome to the club. please tell us you've left the stone age and have a cell phone with a camera?? snap a cell shot and post it! :evil