First Impressions - 2004 Multistrada

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  1. Barry

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    Oct 4, 2002
    Fredericksburg, Va.
    Well, put about 260 miles ish on the Duc since pickup yesterday, hovering right at 560 miles on the odo. Rode with Scot both days, Scot rode the Duc both days. He likes...

    The bike is light, and feels light. The steering is very quick, and it's a stable platform. Brakes are good, still bedding in I'm sure. Hope they get better. Scot's VFR stops like it hit a brick wall. The bike is almost as much fun as my freakin' supermoto was, and in first gear with incredibly tall gearing wheelies like a beast. I'm going +2 teeth on the rear.

    Wind protection is good, I have an order in for the Ducati Tall windscreen. I think it will keep the wind from striking my chest as much.

    As for the motor... pulls hard at 3K rpm, smooths out to velvety smoothness at 4K and I'm only allowed to go to 6K currently. It was still smooth at 8K. The bike is W-A-Y faster than my GS.

    Overall, a bike that does what my GS did, but is a ton more fun to ride. Very glad I got one.

    PICs to follow...

  2. Caffeind

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    Dec 11, 2003
    Outside the Triangle
    :lol3 :thumb

    I had a Monster 800 out for a week. The motor seemed to get smoother as the revs increased. Lots of fun. Handled like it was on rails. Went over bumps like it was carved out of billet. The sweet spot for that engine felt like it was between 5500 and 7500 RPM. Man, I wish it had had a set of Termi pipes on it. I need an S2R bad. :cry