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    Feb 6, 2011
    Yeah, I am just lucky. I make some of that luck as well. Just yesterday a woman in a Nissan pickup running beside me just decided she wanted in my lane so she just moved over in it. Did not look or anything. Of course I am ALWAYS aware of my surroundings at all times and just moved over on the shoulder then accelerated in front of her with a few hand jesters.

    Back when I did much of my motorcycle riding there were no cell phones. Today people on cell phones will not see a scooter so you have got to watch them and be ready to take an alternate route. I especially watch the ones turning left. I had one a while back turn left in front of me and she was looking right at me. We had eye contact. It was like I had no right to be there. I lost my religion over that one.

    And it don't hurt to get good equipment ie helmet and other riding gear that you feel is necessary. I am old school and use what I can get by with but thats just me.
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    With online dealers like etc there really isn't much of an argument about not being able to swing the minimum for safety gear now. Hell you can get flip up helmets, textile gear, and cheap boots there. That having been said, it is a good idea to support your local shops as much as you can for service and all that jazz.
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    Yes just use common sense. I agree on assuming all the other cars are trying to hit you and always look both ways before going through a green light.

    About 40-50% of motorcycle accidents are self inducted by guys that have no business being on a, overly confident riders, etc. Most of them are also single vehicle accidents.

    I'd say the rest are caused by mainly negligent idiotic cagers, and mother nature [Obstructions like animals on a dark country road, road conditions, etc]. Seriously, if they'd make you take an IQ test before testing for your license countless driver's AND rider's lives would be saved!

    BUT those caused by cagers may not be the rider's fault, but that doesn't mean they couldn't have been avoided. Some accidents, well you CAN'T avoid them. But just those extra little things like looking both ways before approaching an intersection make can make all the difference.

    But you seem to have a good attitude. You understand the risks of riding, but know that you can avoid a lot of them by smart decisions like taking the safety course.

    When it comes to scoots just keep looking and find what suits you well.

    If you could give us a few more ideas to what you want, we can help you narrow it down. Also take into consideration little things you may want to do in the future like little trips and other rides so you will be more satisfied with the scoot or bike.

    Dual Sports are good motorcycles. Easy to ride, nice torque curves for learning to ride, and fun. They perform pretty close to scooters other than a bit more offroad capabilities on some models.

    And the Elite 150-250s are great scooters. Basically almost all of them WILL initially need a little wrenching and replacements or they will be unreliable. But you will learn a great deal from it as I have. Parts for the 150 are VERY widely available from Babbits and Ebay. There is also a lot of support for them. There are lots of experts on them on here and I can help you out a lot with the Elites! I've done major work on mine, including replacing and rebuilding the engine, minor parts that you'll need to replace, etc. You mentioned you wanted a little wrenching, well these are cheap and easy to work on. If your up for a bit of wrenching and ending up with a damn reliable scooter, well look on Craigslist for an Elite 150-250.