First ride in Ont, very poor experience with OPP

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Maggot12, Oct 9, 2012.

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    And according to the few I've actually met, they ride just as fast, and take their lumps if they get caught. But they're pretty adept at using schmoes like me as bait :lol3 I've seen, and then later talked to, a few that tailed me about a km back.

    Last one was coming west into Marathon. When the cruiser coming towards me lit me up, I glanced down to see I was going about 135 in a 90. He gave me the universal slow down sign, turned off the lights and kept on going. The biker behind me caught me at the gas bar in Terrace Bay. He listened to my story, said he'd seen the lights come on, then laughed and told me he was an off-duty traffic cop. We rode the rest of the way to T.Bay together, at about 125 or so.

    I think it's all in the attitude. I've been pulled over a few times, but haven't had a ticket since the early 80's, and that was driving a car during a blitz.
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    I am a retired police officer...NOT OPP... The police officer was jsut too big for the boots he was wearing. He has overstepped his authority. He has no authority to "rip" the radar detector from your bike especially if it is nicely mounted and installed neatly. Over zealous uneducated officers abound these days and this is a very good example of how a complaint to the OPP complaint bureau is justified especiall if the conversation was such that you volunteered to remove the device and turn it over. He has no authority to seize anything other than the radar detector or anything that is attached to it temporarily. Did he give you a receipt for the ceized device. If not he is in neglect of his duty. Complain loudly with photos of before and after. The complaint needs to be chronological and well thought out. Write it first and take it with you.
    The PoPo do have authority without warrant to stop search and seize unlawful devices however, it is your property and you may apply to the court to get it back and send it out of the province or keep it at home. It is not unlawful to posess the device. it is unlawful "to drive a motor vehicle on a highway that is equipped with or carries or contains a speed measuring warning device".
    Only upon conviction is the device forfeited to the crown. There is no Mens Rea (Intention to commit an offence) associated with this type of offence.
    You might also bring associated documentation that it is lawful to use radar / laser detectors in BC.
    Get your ducks in a row and be prepared to answer some dopey questions while in the stand.
    Stand your ground and dig you heels in. Don't let the bastards railroad you into saying anything that you dont want to say but be respectful of the jp.

    A reasonable explanation supported by documentation, from BC for instance. Your Ontario drivers licence will have a date of issue on it, The vehicle registration will also have a date of issue on it. If the dates are so close as to support your defence then there is latitude for the justice of the peace to aquit you of the offense given the circumstances.

    Common sense is not common any more and the young coppers are for the most part very aggressive.
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    Keeping up with the Joneses, OK ?

    "Your papers are not in order"........:deal .....Said the Nazzi.

    Yes, You can now be arrested for not carrying the proper paperwork when you're out and about in the world.

    Sometimes I'm surprised by the fact that we don't have to have an ID badge hanging around on our neck clearly visible at all times..

    We'll probably all be chipped soon enough...

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    Interesting. I just did a ride around the Great Lakes this past August starting and ending in Chicago. I have an Escort radar dector mounted on top of my clutch reservoir - very visible and out in the open. It even has an LED Visual Alert sitting on top of the detector, making it even more obvious. I left it on the entire trip and had several radar pings while traveling through Ontario, including once while trying to pass a pair of semis at a "spirited" speed.

    I don't remember seeing any signs when crossing the Canadian border (from MN on Hwy 61). And the folks at the border did not say a thing, although they had to see the detector only 2 feet in front of them while they looked at my passport and asked me a bunch of questions. They even asked me to come inside to verify my identity and do a quick background check. It was not until I got back home and posted a a few photos of the trip and my set up that I became aware that detectors are banned in Ontario. I guess I was lucky.

    Are radar dectors illegal in any other Provinces? I'm riding to Alaska next Spring and would like to avoid such problems.
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    Not so sure what I see so funny in that statement such that I would be bragging about it. I realize speed limits for roads are often set on the conservative side, particularly in BC, but going 140 on public roads is generally unsafe. I'm surprised your bike wasn't impounded.

    You have certainly lost my sympathies after reading that. I now wonder if there is some "details" in your story that you may have selectively withheld that may reveal why the OPP officer acted as he did.
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    OMG what about the children!! 140 km/h, about 86mph isn't breaking any land speed record. There really are numerous highways that have artificially low revenue generating speed limits while the rules are the rules there is plenty of evidence that indicates artificially low speeds are dangerous.

    YouTube - speed kills your pocket book for a BC example.
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    You were very lucky indeed. There are only 3 provinces where they are legal: British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

    So you should be okay for your trip up to Alaska.
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    Sorry to hear about your welcome to Ontario ordeal. I am fed up with Ontario and it's foolishness. I do everything I can to avoid the place or limit my time there. The sheep, sorry, people that live there and tolerate the OPP have my sympathy.

    As far as the ticket and the OPP's behaviour, I would register an official complaint and go to court and state my case. You will not win but you will take up the courts time and eat up the ticket income in court time. The cop will show up, hopefully on his day off, so his time off is impacted. These tickets are about income for the police, little to do with public safety.
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    Interesting that a 2yr old thread got brought back and its nice to read thru it again.

    The ticket never got paid and sent it in saying I would dispute it. I got a reply a few weeks later saying that the ticket was not processed and I need not to take further action. No explanation and no idea why that was.

    As for Ontario, we really like it here. Have great neighbors in a nice town. Not far from great roads and cottage country and an hour from TO if I want to hang with the crazy folks.

    I have an FJR now, and while I speed plenty, no other chats with the OPP.

    Im now off to a Remembrance Day parade then going for a ride.....:clap

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    Buy stock in Beltronics. They make the detectors and then make the detector detectors. Then they make undetectable detectors and then make detectors to detect those. See how it goes here. Money on money.