First (Tri-Annual), Oklahoma Wildlife Tour. March, July, and October 2017.

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    Oct 25, 2016
    Starting in 2017!!!
    Here is a video of what to expect on this weekend trip.

    This is opportunity is available starting in 2017. Dates are: March 18th and 19th, July 15th and 16th, October 7th and 8th.

    Event on March 18th and 19th: (Last day to enter, is March 5th)
    Show your interest for the March event: by sending me a private message.
    This event will have 10-15 people.... Other events may have more...
    So far 9 people are coming. Which leaves 6 people left.....

    List of people coming:
    • Me (Kawasaki KLR 650)
    • 2 people, from south texas (engines are smaller than 650cc)
    • Nosofast: plus 3 friends.
    • Spanky15 (Kawasaki KLR 650)
    • Pjorda07

    All are welcome! Two day, One night trip. :clapFree camping on the ranch:beer. All you pay for is your food/drinks and gambling (if we go the casino). Bring Your Own camping gear. There are plenty of trees for the hammock campers.

    This trip consist of easy off-road trails in the grass/dirt and paved roads. Mud/ Gravel roads are optional. Perfect for people of all skill levels. If you want a challenge, you can find hard trails in the woods. Two creeks run through the property. There is 2 easy crossings (a car could make it). Then, there are 4 challenging creek crossings on the property, that I know of.

    I ride a 650 dual sport which is perfect for this event.
    The fastest speed limit near the refuge is 65mph, so if you have an engine smaller than 650cc you'll be fine. Just make sure it goes at least 65mph on the pavement.

    You can shoot guns on the Ranch *just watch your aim, *don't hit my animals, and *shoot in the woody areas *if you see a coyote or wild pig, on the ranch, then feel free to kill it.

    Ride at your own risk. I don't want anybody hurt so be careful. Ride within your abilities. If you ride aggressively, wear the proper gear.

    Be careful with fire on the ranch...
    1) cigarettes need to be soaked in spit or water, before disposing. 2) Campfires must be watched at all times and kept to a minimum size. 3) Put out your own fire completely, when your done. 4) Don't leave a vehicle running, in the same spot and in idle, for more than an 30 min-hour.

    DO NOT consume more than 2 fish in a months time. It's because fish may contain mercury. Pregnant women and children under 7 should not eat the fish. The refuge has that rule, I figure it's smart to apply that to the ranch.

    The ranch is 5 miles west of Elgin, Oklahoma. (2h 30 min drive from my home in Dallas, Texas)

    • The ranch is: 580 acres of grassland (rolling hills of Oklahoma) / 100 acres of woods (with creeks to cross)/ 7 ponds. Also we have cows, a donkey, and horse's. There is enough to spend 4-8 hours riding (on the ranch) without getting bored. There are easy trails to get around. Also, there are some more challenging trails in the woods, if you have the ability.
    The ranch is 15 miles from: a 60,000 acre wildlife refuge, wichita mountains, mt. scott, Medicine Park, and Ft. Sill. (see links for all the info)
    Restaurants, (over priced) grocery, fast food, and gas: is located in Elgin, OK (5 minutes from campsite). Walmart is 15 miles away.
    Also, there is the Comanche Spur Casino, 5-10 minutes form the campsite.

    Saturday plans:
    • Arrive between 8am-10am.
    • Set up camp for night time.
    • Meet for the Ranch tour/ meeting, 30 min. (10:15am)
    • Break into groups of 4-10.
    • Ride the ranch for a few hours.
    With your group. Leave at 12pm, go to lunch on the way to refuge. Eat at Meers cafe or ann's country kitchen. Both are on the way.

    About 1pm start the Wildlife Refuge tour.
    1. Go to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge & Visitor's Center. About (20 min-45 min)
    2. Drive the west end of the refuge. It's a scenic route. (takes about an 1 hour) *try to find elk/ prairie dog town.
    3. Turn back East, towards the Holy City in the refuge. (stay for about 20-30 min). *look for buffalo, deer, longhorn, other critters.
    4. Go to the lake, right next to the holy city in the refuge. (10-20 min)
    5. *there are some off-road trails behind the lake, for us to explore.
    6. At about 5pm, meet at the the top of Mt. Scott. Climb around. (stay for about 30 min- 1 hour).
    7. If there is still time we go to Medicine park. (If not you can go back on sunday)
    8. Eat at ann's country kitchen or Meers cafe for dinner, when it get's dark.
    9. Then head home.
    Saturday Night Time
    Bathroom, Snacks/ beer sold at the gas station 1 minute from campsite (open 24 hours).
    • Fish/ hang out by the campfire/ drink if you want.:kumbaya:dutch
    • :muuttNight ride through the Ranch.:muutt
    • 9pm-10pm: Go to the casino, if the group wants.
    • sleep whenever your ready :snore
    • No riding the ranch after 1am, to respect the people sleeping at camp.

    Sunday plans:

    Sunday is a *Free for all* day. (go on your own or your group's choice)
    If you do not get to see all of wildlife refuge, wichita mountains, mt. scott, Medicine Park, and Ft. Sill; Then you can go back to what you missed.
    • Breakfast is 8am-8:30am: cook your own, or sonic, burger king, McDonalds, or gas station food (its actually pretty good).
    • Lunch when your groups ready: Group decision; tons of good options in Lawton, OK within 30 minutes (ex: red lobster, Ted's Mexican Restaurant, golden corral, all the fast food you could want, chickfila, plus tons more options.)
    Sunday's options: After Breakfast, the group ride for sunday starts at 9am.

    • Go back the the refuge and do what you missed.
    • You/ your group, can visit any of the towns around the area (elgin, lawton, apache, medicine park area).
    • You/ Your group can explore the miles of gravel roads behind the ranch.
    • You/ Your group can also re-do your favorite trails on the ranch or refuge.
    • You could spend the day fishing/ riding the ranch.
    • Do whatever you want!!!!!! (within reason)
    :clapThe End....:tough****Pack up and be ready to leave the ranch by 6-7pm Sunday.****:tough

    About Me, "KLR 650 Adventures".
    • A picture heavy thread showing my weekends at the ranch, Thread
    • I am 24 years old. Most of my friends are 30-40 years old.
    • I grew up in Dallas, Texas. But traveled to the ranch in Oklahoma on weekends. (I loved that I was able to grow up going to school in the city, but spend my weekends in the country.)
    • I rode a small manual four wheeler when I was 4 years old. Upgraded to an Automatic when I got bigger. I grew up riding those four wheelers, on the ranch and in the mountains.
    • Now that I am older, I work a lot. I ride every chance I get. I bought a 2016 KLR 650 in August, 2016. I love it!!!! It is soo much fun. Dual sports are awesome! I love riding around at home and all the places near the ranch.
    • I want to show some other people how awesome it is to spend a weekend at my ranch.
    Let me know if you are interested.

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    Off Route 66 in Oklahoma
    That sounds like a great idea. The wife and I lived in Elgin for 2 years and then in Robinson Landing by Lake Lawtonka about 25 years ago. Sounds like a great weekend.
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    Jan 1, 2017
    Hi i live in elgin also sounds like fun getting my bike prepped to go to alaska in june be good to do a dry run with my camping gear
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    Feb 6, 2011
    Broken Arrow, OK
    Interested, mostly likely July or October but will consider March.
  5. Nosofast

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    Apr 12, 2016
    Fort Sill OK
    Hey Bro I live in Elgin also Off trail road little past bear Arms.. I'll for sure be there me and few of my Army buddies. Are you going to the Slapp Rally in May few of us went last year and it was awesome you should go with us this year. If you need any help setting stuff up let me know I can help out Im only like 5 mins away. I'm going to share this on the Ok dual sport page also so we get good size turn out for this.
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    Apr 12, 2016
    Fort Sill OK
    I have 3 people including myself
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    Oct 25, 2016
    Awesome!!! I added you and your friends to the list!
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    Fort Sill OK
    Got one more
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    Count me in if there is still room!
  10. KLR 650 Adventures

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    Oct 25, 2016
    I added you to the list. Your IN.