Firstgear Kenya? (Other winter jacket talk welcome)

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by kpt4321, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Aug 5, 2008
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    zoom, jacket question,,I just bought firstgear catmandu and it is labeled the same size I normally wear but fits about a size bigger than I wear, and is a very hot jacket. Could you tell me How does the Kenya fit according to size of your other Jackets? wanting one a little liter than the Catmandu and thinking may need the smaller size.

  2. Superzoom

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    Hi Alan,

    I'm a little hesitant to comment on size as I am general a very difficult fit for anything on the upper body, as I have a smallish waist and broad shoulders. I think my approach was to buy the jacket in medium, even though the waist is too large (but is easily cinched) and too tight in the shoulders (but ended up being acceptable). The sleeves were also too short by a little more than an inch, as I have long arms. Frankly, I need a custom jacket, but the medium Kenya was a decent compromise for me.

    I think you'll be good going by the sizing chart for FirstGear clothing. I think it's pretty accurate. Maybe read some of the user reviews on a site like Motorcycle Superstore to see how the jacket fit others. I do that for any clothing I buy.