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    I have found that some inmates can't post pictures or once they try can't figure out what broke. Flicker is the worst offender due to the front page of your picture (before you chose size) will not post as a picture you must chose size. So here is a quick how to fix. This work for other hosting sites beside flicker.

    1. Broken Picture Icon will be posted in your thread, you will need to edit your thread.

    2. Right Mouse Click on the broken picture link icon, Select "inspect element"

    3. This will bring up the webpage elements or parts to the webpage. You will notice the broken picture icon is highlighted in blue (selected) this will correspond with the hosted page link it is trying to use.

    4. The link in the element in this case is flicker, right click on this link and open in a new window or tab.

    These instructions will get you to the hosted page where you will need to figure out where the problem exists. In this case the Picture Link was referring to the "front" Flicker page that is not linkable. Poster needed to click on the front picture select size then copy page url and post into advrider...

    Please feel free to send me a PM if you need more instruction this thread was for those who wanted to dive a little further into posting pictures. Hope its of use!