Fixed Speedo Outage -'06 KTM Adventure

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    Like others, I recently had the Intermittent Speedo Outage on the '06 KTM 950 Adventure.

    What I found is that the Speedo Wires coming UP through the Shoulder and then BACK Down is where these 18 Gauge Wires get brittle and Break.

    On these wires between this Section, was found almost all these Wires had Broken Strands under the Insulation. That is why when you moved it by hand it would work.

    So it was Fixed by:

    1-Splicing/Soldering about 4" of the 18 (Thinner) Gauge wires with the Larger 16 Gauge Wire.

    2- This is done with the Red, Brown, and Black Wires.

    3- The Bottom Picture is where the Speedo Cable/Wiring Connects under the Dash for Reference.


    This is the Older Link on this issue:

    The part# to Replace this, if needed, is:

    Chassis COCKPIT SUPPORT, SPEEDOMETER Item #: 14 Part Number: 60014068200 Description: SPEEDOMETER SENSOR 10 original partnumber 60014069150 superceeded by 60014068200

    For about $50.00
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    Another area to look is down by the brake rotor. I have a high fender kit on mine and the wires had shuffled a little too low and started to rub on the rotor a bit. Soldered and wrapped, as good as new. :deal