Flying with sidecases in a suitcase

Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by RRVT, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. RRVT

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    Yeah, I think in the end for this scenario my best bet is to equip the bike the way I like it (and absorb whatever luggage fees or shipping costs it takes), and then keep all the stuff with the bike, including all the gear, toolkit, and clothing. Since the bike might end up stored in different parts of Europe between trips, I will not have to worry about carrying too much stuff with me. Just a carry-on bag with a laptop, GPS, toiletries and a bottle of whiskey from a duty free shop...
  2. GapRunr

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    A 45 litre Givi Monokey weighs more than my 45 litre Happy Trail pannier, and would get pretty beat up as airline luggage.
  3. oldNbold

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    How much would it cost to ship them separately? Last time I was in Anchorage Dad and I UPS'd our luggage home because it was cheaper than the airline costs for extra luggage. UPS delivered my dirty clothes to my front door. I have also known people to ship luggage to a hotel where they were going to be staying. Just an option. It may not be cheaper anymore.
  4. HaChayalBoded

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    It doesn't weight "much" more and I'll bet you dollars to donuts that a GIVI case will be in far better shape than a Happy Trails or Touratech aluminum pannier after being checked in.

    They toss the bags around and down chutes and slides. Betcha that aluminum case comes back to ya with enough dings and dents that the top no longer closes neatly.

    The GIVI may have a scuff or two but it will still be solid.

    If the 45 liter case you are talking about is the E45, those are weaker and a bit flimsier than their other cases, those are their economy line, but still pretty tough.
  5. wheatwhacker

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    Oct 13, 2006
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    Use a pelican case.
    The plane could crash into the ocean and the case would float to the top with your stuff still dry inside.
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    I have a Varadero over there - got it in Ireland with Wheatwhacker's great help. I held off buying until I found a bike equipped with what I wanted. It has Hepco & Becker Alu Standard top and side cases. I bought liners for them here in the US, and pack them here, then take them as carry on luggage. I'm sure that whatever I show up with there will fit inside. I use a padded duffel bag to check in the boots, helmets, jackets, etc. I then ship from my arrival point to my departure point hotel or to a friend who lives in my departure city. It'd be easier to leave the gear there, but we don't have 4 sets of gear (always ride with my wife).

    Great plan: You could buy a naked bike and outfit it over there. Martin can probably help you.
    Not so good plan: You could buy a naked bike and ship your soft luggage over and fit it there.