For those wishing to purchase a Hardigg (Pelican) case...

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    ...I just wanted to share this.

    A coupla' weeks ago, I went shopping for a topcase. I wanted a Pelican (or something similar). I feel as though I looked everywhere, and reviewed all the specs (for every, single case made). Anyhow, I settled on the Hardigg 2450 Storm Case. The dimensions were pretty close to what I was hoping to find.

    During my shopping, I found these folks...

    To say the least, they were GREAT! Their prices seemed very competitive, ordering was simple, and their customer service was outstanding.

    The part that really got me was a phone call that I received from them. I was away from my phone, when they called. So, I returned to find a voice message. When I saw the number, of the missed called, I suspected that it might be them. I thought, "Damn! case is outta' stock, and I'll never get it." Well, as it turned-out, I wasn't even close.

    The message was from a nice lady named, "Dawn". She wanted to let me know that my case was in-stock, would ship on _____, and should arrive on _____. She also told me that the charge should appear, on my CC bill, as _____, and that I could call her if I had any questions or concerns.

    WTH?!?...a phone call?!?...from a human being?!?...I couldn't believe it.

    I am, in no way, affiliated with these folks. I just know that the internet can sometimes be a "You pays your money...You takes your chances" kinda' place. So, if you're in the market for a case, you may want to give these folks a look.

    Happy and safe riding...


    ***As a sidenote, my case was at my front door about 48 hours after I ordered it. I also learned that Hardigg was purchased by Pelican. Therefore, the two companies are now one. My case arrived marked as a "Pelican iM2450 Storm Case".***

    Thanks, to the ADV Mods, for letting me post...

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    Appreciated, thanks!

    great story, worth sharing as that kind of service is getting scarce....