Fort Blunder,Lake Champlain

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    Jan 16, 2009
    Warren V.T.
    Hi all,Sat took a little trip around the Lake,I live in Central Vermont,and sorry,no photo's,camera died:eek1
    So the question is? has any one out there been to the Fort?
    Can you get to it from the land?
    Or only from the water?
    Google earth site makes it look like the cause way is gone.Looks like a cool place to wander around.
    Do you have to enter Canada to get to it?
    I have been to all the other Forts on the Lake and would like to hit this one before the end of the summer.:clap
    Warning! they are in the process of repaving the bridge,Rouses Point Bridge,it is in bad shape right now lots of seam sealer all over the place.
    Thanx for any info.:freaky:freaky