Fort Collins, CO to Chandler, AZ

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    Aug 29, 2009
    Ft Collins, CO
    I'm planning a trip from northern CO to south Phoenix in May. Here's the scoop planned for a two day trip:
    Down the slab I25 to Denver to I76 and I70 to US285 to Buena Vista (all paved), then over Cottonwood Pass to Almont (mostly dirt), then paved again to Gunnison. US50 to to US550 to Ridgeway and 62 to Placerville, then 145 to Telluride for the night. Next day out of Telluride to Cortez and Four Corners on 160. Then 191 to Canyon de Chelly and BIA 7 south to 264 to pick up 191 again (some dirt, probably on the BIA 7?). Then, I'll pick up I40 to 77 south to Show Low on 60 through Salt River Canyon and find my way to Chandler.

    I'd like to record all of this as best I can. What works best? Camera on hard hat? P & S? I don't have a GPS, and not sure I need one, as this is mostly paved, but to record tracks, I guess it would help. Only Cottonwood Pass in CO may be dicey in early May, but probably not (it's been dry, so far, this year). I would really like to go back via the north rim of the GC (never been to the North, before)

    Whatd'ya think?

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    Jul 4, 2009
    Chandler, AZ
    I live in Chandler. Plan on it being HOT when you get here. I have ridden a lot in CO, mostly on dual sport bikes. I rode on one ride way back into the middle of nowhere with a guy named Scott and his wife Jeannie, also known as Muniac. He runs I have 2 XT225s. Slow, but will take you anywhere. I have a GPS, but it is one of those $99 Garmin eTrex ones, the yellow one. Worthless in town, but if you get lost in the middle of nowhere, it will get you out. You can also program in waypoints on the way in, and follow them out.