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Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by blatant, Aug 25, 2010.

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    Forums. Sheese. Truly an invaluable tool on so many levels. Tech issues, latest and greatest, awesome idea for places to go. The people you meet, amazing. The knowledge that people possess or manage to figure out and then share. The list can go on.

    My 800gs rocks. Great bike. Aside from the valve cover, which was really just more depressing than anything it's been great. The problem with forums, and I'm on enough of them for all my vehicles and just general loafing. I enjoy surfing them, but the problems, forums, multiplied issues and paranoia.

    The problem is with the f800, as of late, is that reading all of the stuff that's "going wrong" has turned me into a nut, a phobic. Smelling the engine, lol, listening for phantom noises. Closely eyeballing braided lines running near the ignition/ top of the faux wondering if the braiding isn't "as it should be", checking the rear shock mounts...etc etc.

    Help!!! I've never been like this and realize that the problems of a few, on an internet forum can multiply to exponential proportions making it seem like every bike but 7 has/have that issue.

    Monday: Wow the ride yesterday was awesome. Weather was great. No "STALLING ISSUES" Hmmm. Wonder if it didn't stall b/c the humidity was just right, or maybe b/c i used techron, or perhaps i figured out how to properly use the clutch. Shit maybe it's just not my time. Got home, smelled the engine, smells clean. Put on a fresh white glove, ran my finger along the valve cover half moons, no leak; awesome, love my dealer, smelled engine again, still good. Plugged into trickle charger. Open beer.

    Tuesday: Wow, the ride Monday evening was fantastic. Weather was great. No "FUEL GAUGE /INDICATOR" issues. Or it still reads as it always has, half assed. Hmmm. Wonder if it didn't read correcly b/c the humidity was just right, or maybe b/c i used techron, or perhaps the injectors / pump aren't screwed up yet from the ethanol. Shit maybe it's just not my time. Got home, smelled the engine, smells clean. Put on a fresh white glove, ran my finger along the valve cover half moons, no leak; awesome, love my dealer, smelled engine again, still good. Plugged into trickle charger. Open beer.

    Wednesday: Wow, the ride Tuesday while calling in sick for work was fantastic. Weather was great. No issues at all?! Wonder why? Shit maybe it's just not my time. Got home, smelled the engine, smells clean. Put on a fresh white glove, ran my finger along the valve cover half moons, no leak; awesome, love my dealer, smelled engine again, still good. Plugged into trickle charger. That's Weird, the bike seems to "BE LEANING OVER MORE THAT NORMAL" or am i just crazy. Is the garage not level? Maybe I never noticed the pitch before, the home inspector should've caught that when I bought the place? What was it the forum said, bent mount, phantom shit...better stop by the dealer and look at every 800 left and see if it jives, go bug them more. Open beer and stare for a while. Smell the engine again. Still no distinct alarming odor, good. Have another beer.

    Thursday. Well the "BIKE STARTED" Wednesday...wonder why that was?
    repeat above and continue to look at kick stand as I didn't get to dealer.

    LOL, Friday. What was it I read about zip tied radiators, shit hope mines not. Wish i didn't think of this at 2am, now i'll never get back to sleep. But since i'm stirring, man I hope it starts tomorrow and no oil seepage started over night. I hope my fat ass hasn't bent that shock mount and it hasn't fallen over b/c i didn't use the center stand...

    ......did i notice some front wheel wobble yesterday...?

    Clearly I have some free time to jot this down. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Bike rocks, forums are great. Carry on.
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    Right on the head!
  3. RAD800

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    just stay ignorant... I beat the shit out of mine, noting is bent, nothing is broken and nothing wore out after 40,000.:ricky
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    Dave Rankine, Reno NV
    You think people bitch a lot here Go over to the 1200 forum if you want to see bitchen. I can't imagine how some of the other forums are. Do KTM's break down? I am of the generation that every time I see some sun bleached bones in the desert, I think, "there are the bones of some Maico 500 rider." But that was before there was internet. Dave
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    Jul 9, 2010
    Loved it - much better than the contents of my daily newspaper. Just a thought - but if you didn't spend so much effort in typing you'd have more time to check for any coolant leaks around the bleed hole or even remove the rear wheel and check for bearing wear. :rofl
  6. Ducksbane

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    After my experiences in the KTM forum I can tell you catergorically that KTM's DO NOT break down ... like old Rolls Royce's they just "fail to proceed". :lol3

    The Orange people are so in love with their bikes that should something fail ... I suspect a fairly regular ocurrence ... they get all apologetic and fix the problem themselves. A good case in point is the decision by KTM to bolt the sidestand to the engine cases. This has the expected result, but the good KTM'ers just weld it up and buy a sidestand relocation bracket ... they never complain to KTM, and only whinge in a forum on pain of death.

    I think that an attitude half way beteeen the Orange crush and Parallel universe might be the way to go, critical in a constructive way but not verging on paranoia. (Although as the old saying goes though ... "just because you are paranoid it doesn't mean that there not out to get you!".
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    Excellent post - made me smile :1drink I couldn't agree more, when you get enough bikes out there and enough people riding them you are bound to get a few issues and a few complainers that distill down into a morass of gunk on the forums.
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    Have you lost your bearings, man? (or at least stayed awake wondering about it?)

    Nice job. :thumb
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    Great post. I came to the realization that BMW made the roundel covering the steering stem in the triple tree loose enough to rotate so that if I drop the beast and tweak the bars a little I can align the roundel so it is back to parallel with the bars and ride on unperturbed!

    I have experienced stalling, wheel bearing failure and I replaced my chain with a DID X-Ring before the recall. Despite these adventures I love my bike, my dealer (BMW of Las Vegas) and ADVrider forums & inmates. Ride On!
  10. refokus

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    Jun 7, 2007
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    That is some funny sh!t.........great write up. :lol3
  11. blatant

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    Aug 12, 2008
    so i decided, after reading 200 threads and bookmarking shit i can't find again, scratching my head, wondering why; to go on ahead and get some Wolfman saddle bags and rack.

    these guys above pretty much have them in stock locally...Awesome. Go and get them. Great, I'm the man. They're super cool. They also have a ton of useful, immediate things in stock, rotopax, this and that... what not. My dog shits on their floor, he's a pup, 1.5year but has never done that before. What's wrong boy...Scrub that up, apologize a few times... lets get to talking to myself and these racks.

    "Oh why am i worrying...I'm moving a couple bolts, has nothing to do with the motor or electric...I'll be fine." True that. "ok," I say to my inner self. I decide to not have a beer during or prior to this. Side one, like a charm. NO issues, little bit of lock tite, push and prod a bit, sweating like a hostage as it's 108degrees out, in the garage, pissed, yet it's been cloudy out today, what's with the heat...???

    Side two, muffler side...right before i get to it i decide to call Berg and ask him "Hey dude, what's up with these 'spacers' " Berg is so nice, kids crying and pulling on his pant legs in the back ground, explains a lot too me. (spacer are if you have a back rack/platform etc)

    Mean while as i'm 1/4 of the way thru screwing with the exhaust, not coming off easy, trying to be gentle etc; berg is like, dude, you can just fish it thru. "fck" why didn't i try. I'm a lazy ass, that's sorta the way i normally roll. Why didn't i try that....anyway....

    i decide i indeed CAN fish the rack with the muffler intact and i dont need to move it... "Awesome" Sucks i messed with it at all, since it's a bit loose now, damn. "Man I hope i didn't bend a pipe, cause a gap, cause whatever the hell bad luck comes with this screwing with the pipe. Reattach the springs i delicately removed ( actually put a set of eye safety/goggles) Retwisted the exhaust bolt. "I am the man" Can back as it was. Rack on the bike. "I'm the serious man" I rock.

    Attach and Stuff the new bags, for effect, go for a ride. "WHAT THE SHIT" a back fire. Man that's loud, even though i roll with my ipod usually. I've ridden plenty of times with out it. Man that pop pop was really loud. Why the hell would that have happened. Never did it before....Hmmm, was it the ipod covering for it earlier or was it messing with the pipe. Hmmmm...did i just here a ping ping etc...what's with the ping....

    Aww hell, I better post up a thread for peace of mind or to at least try to get some sleep....for some extra info / paranoia to chew on.

    Man I really do think my wheel was wobbling. Is that the head/steering NUT or what was it called? I hope i don't get burned with coolant spewing out of this rotax while i'm testing for this back fire. Man this is stressful. Did I lube my chain correctly...?

  12. FredRydr

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    You poor S.O.B! Make sure the lube is in the right location on every link! :D

  13. Ceri JC

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    Never mind the stuff I read on forums, too much has gone wrong with my bike alone that I no longer trust its reliability. I would not refer to this as 'paranoia', as that word implies a lack of rationality and excessive worry. The worry I feel is born of bitter experience and is wholly justified. It's all well and good for BMW to do warranty work without a quibble, but taking it to the dealers all the time and being without a bike is a real ball ache. More importantly, it makes me worry about longer/more remote trips on it. On an adventure bike, which is supposed to be used long/remotely, this means it pretty much fails in it core purpose.

    A real shame; when it works it's incredible. If it was more reliable I would honestly think it's the best all round bike ever made. But my bike makes an early 90s Ducati appear reliable, so it's utterly useless. I think I'll go Japanese next time; modern BMWs seem to be unreliable overpriced junk.

    Lemon laws in the UK less clear cut than in the USA, otherwise I'd be pushing for a refund, or new bike selling it and getting something else. As it is, it's once more unto the dealer, add more tools to my bike, carry more spares, so at least one less thing can strand me at the side of the road.
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    I've just ticked over 39,500KM on my 2009. Last weekend I'd did a quick 2000km trip with no issues. So far I've been through countless tyres, two sets of rear pads, 1 chain & sprockets (34000), change rear wheel bearings at 30,000km. Bearings were changed as I'd been riding a lot of dusty conditions and bull dust gets into everything. My old dr350 bearings used to be changed every 15000 due to the same issue.

    I've read so many post of issues other f8gs owners have had but my bike is yet to let me down. If it hasn't by now I doubt it very much it will in the future.
  15. EnderTheX

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    I like the OP because it really highlights the phenomenon of forum posting.... People who post have problems and want to fix them and people who don't have problems just go out riding.

    When I was recently out riding in Colorado I was with a buddy on his KTM and even during this trip he was giving me crap about "BMW reliability" since I had talked to him about all the issues we were sorting out on the web site.

    But guess what... here is a list of the problems the bikes had during or directly prior to the trip (not including general maintenance and new tires). Needless to say my buddy didn't say anything about BMW reliability on the way home.

    BMW F800GS:
    - Broken turn signal from hard fall on rocks.

    KTM 640 Adventure:
    - Broken rear shock bolt replaced
    - Re-jet the bike for altitude
    - Stalling issues multiple days, unknown root cause.
    - Sidestand almost falling off, non-standard bolt required a hardware store trip.
    - Front axle loose, retightened in field
    - Broken shift lever (aluminum) in middle of trip, unable to fix, had to shift with back of boot, wearing hole in boot. (the BMW shift lever is steel and will bend instead of break and can be bent back into place).
    - Oil leak from behind front sprocket
    - GPS mount to front fairing mounting point broke (stock bike mounting point)
    - Forks rebuild the day before we left on the trip, almost making us late to depart (7k miles on bike).

    Of course my friend never blamed KTM for anything while he was working on the bike... I don't blame KTM either, things break and we fix em. I spent a lot of time sorting out my BMW and I earned this trouble free trip, I felt great :lol3
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    This post is truly great.....:thumb:thumb