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    To quote a famous TV commercial "Yes Captain Obvious". My comment wasn't meant to say I'm satisfied with those problems. Of course I want turn-by-turn directions. I'm not placing the blame for my issues on the programs I am recommending in that post. I have had the same issues with all programs that I use to build routes with my new Zumo 590.
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    Thanks for the kind words. No unfortunately this is not possible right now. It works with the Android App. This is one of the next things that we will add to the website though.

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    I have started using Rally navigator as my route planner. While its intended purpose is to create Rally Roadbooks, I can still export GPX files. Its an easy click along roads, reclick to add way points. export as gpx and use basecamp to load to my GPS. I don't use routes. just a simple track, and follow the line off road. I don't need turn by turn. I don't need rerouting. I can route along roads, or I can completely route cross country, like powerline roads that aren't typically mapped, but are still rideable. Singletrack entrances and exits. It is simple, quick and even has fuel stops as an option. It does cost $50 bucks a year. No, I don't work for them. Try it for free for 30 days.
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    I have started using the MyRoute app from the developers of Tyre. The Tyre program was very easy. The MyRoute app is just as easy and offers more options. Create routes and load directly onto your gps. It utilizes 3 different maps (your choice), creats gpx, itn, several more formats. Web based so you can access your "account" with any apparatus from anywhere providing you have an internet connection. Basic program is free and you upgrade to access all the features. I am not familiar with how it works on dirt roads but it sure is slick for anything else.
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    Interesting that hardly anybody mentions Garmin Basecamp, which is the program you are led towards if you buy a Garmin GPS. It is probably because everybody who had tried it, like me, HATES, Basecamp.

    I've tried a lot of the programs talked about in this thread, but the one I found that works best for me is InRoute. Unfortunately it's an Apple product. You create routes by dropping pins along the way and designate them as either a start pin, a waypoint pin, or a finish pin. Once you designate a finish pin the program makes the route. Of course, you have to drop sufficient pins to make the route go where you want it to, and the free version of the program only allows you to have 25 pins. I find this satisfactory if I make each day of my trip a separate route.

    The problem was to find a way to get my IPad created routes onto my Zumo 220. InRoute has an option to email routes, in the form of gpx files, so I email them to myself and then "read" the emails on my PC. I download the gpx files to my PC and then transfer them to my Zumo after hooking it up to the PC. As someone already mentioned in this thread, you have to inspect the route the Zumo creates from the gpx files because the Zumo may make some changes that require adding some more waypoints to force the route to go where you want it.

    I have contacted the creators of InRoute to ask them if there is a PC version available and they said they plan to have one, but it is not available yet.
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    Base Camp is actually not bad. I have heard opinions similar to G-ree about BC but I use it frequently and am happy with it. There was a slight learning curve but it's like with everything - more familiar u r with, easier it gets. I sometimes use BC in conjunction with google maps and when planning routes that cannot be "drawn" easily.
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    I have to ask - why do you do this? It seems that you are forsaking online web apps of much greater power, flexibility, speed and ease of use for an unnecessarily complicated method of working. Much as I appreciate some of the great apps we now have for our phones, I still far prefer using a web planner on the computer if I am somewhere I can do that.
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    Seem redundant to me. If you create a route on your phone than use the phone for navigating. Why bother moving that to Zumo and re-inspect and maybe redo the route on the PC.
    Personally, I use PC (furkot) to create the route and load it to the Nav. If I'm in the "field" and need to create a new route without access to the laptop, I can do it directly in Montana by setting via points.