Free Slime Compressor after Rebate.........

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by Moto-Kafe, Nov 28, 2012.

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    An inmate on the stromtrooper forum posted this and I thought I would pass it along. True Value is offering the Slime mini-air compressor for $15 + a $15 Mail-in Rebate = free compressor. The catch is you pay shipping and sales tax.........mine was $9.55 shipped to my house. Or, have it shipped to a True Value Store for FREE and you go in person to pick it up.......just pay tax (I assume??). The nearest True Value Store near me is 10-15 miles away........not worth the time + gas money so I paid to have it shipped directly to my house. It's not the most compact compressor, but the sides can be removed for more "compactness" to carry on your bike (tailpack, under seat, etc).

    (I am not affiliated with True Value in any way..............except, they got some of my $$$ now. :lol3 )

    UPDATE: website says SOLD yesterday, gone today.