From Portland to Yellowstone then Ark.

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    After a visit to my local AAA office (not to be confused with AA, I'm still in the denial phase you see), on the top of my desk is a map with highlighted with a tentative route. My MP3 player is loaded up with The Doobie Brothers, Bee Gees and Dr.Dre; music, check. Dry bag loaded with camping gear, check. Thanks in part to the collective knowledge of ADV, equipment,.. check, for now, until I'm far from home.

    The time I have for this trip is fairly flexible but like most of us, budget is not. I've been reading a lot of threads about how to sleep on the cheap, and reading the threads about estimated costs vs "actualized" costs is adding a bit of pee to my cheerios already. In any case, although I'm seasoned rider, this will be my first ever cross country trip.

    I would welcome your advice on the following. In return, I plan on contributing some of my own gained knowledge as the result. E.g. "Crap, the Aero Press doesn't work so well as a BBQ flavor injector."

    1. Nice, quiet but cheap places to stay on the way. (Due to budget, campgrounds preferred but will more than likely stay at hotels every third or fourth day)
    2. Critique my route, offer alternatives, places I need to see along the way.
    3. Tips and wisdom (i.e., money saving tips, possible pitfalls, gained perspectives from life on the road).

    My route, a rough draft: From Portland, OR take 84 then 12 to Missoula, take 90 to Yellowstone (visit Cody while there), drop down 287 to Ogden, then take 6 to Moab (Arches, Canyonlands), take 191 town to Monument, then down to Sedona past Flagstaff. Here's where my planning turns a bit grey: Take 40 all the way to Ark past Albuquerque, Amarillo, Oklahoma City into Ark? Looks like a good straight path from there. I've not planned fully the return route but hope to have enough lembas bread left for the trip home.

    I'd like to thank YFFS in advance for your help and assistance.
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    Just got back from Yellowstone.

    Two things:
    1. Buffalo may view motorcycles as challenging their herd. We got stuck on the road with 30-50 buffalo snorting walking by us. We didn't move a muscle. They are bigger than cars, in the rut, and have calves. Don't get caught like we did. We were almost famous on the internet!

    2. It's only a little out of the way and can be done in a half day. Cody, WY north to Cheif Josephs highway, over the Beartooth pass and drop into Redlodge, MT. Then back up and over the pass. That's a awesome ride.

    In Columbus, MT (along I-90) there is a free city campground along the Yellowstone river. Quit nice, they supply free firewood too.
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    40 Will get you there quick, but why the interstate? If it were me I'd stay a little north and ride 160 accross Colorado and Kansas. I've ridden the stretch from the state line to Pagosa springs. When you get to Springfield MO head south on 125 then pick your way how ever far into Arkansas you want to go. You could check out the Canyon De Chelly in North East AZ on the way and tell me about it.

    I can't find my maps but I remember riding in the mountians in New Mexico between Roswell and Santa Fe. That was nice, you will end up kinda far south, but if you do go check out the alien stuff. Santa Fe/Taos is scenic, but crowded.

    Bad news is Kansas isn't much fun to cross. Neither is Oklahoma. At least anyway I've done it.
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    Where in Arkansas you ending up? That'd sure help on the route planning. If you do want to ride the slab across OK to Springfield (I sure wouldn't), I'd be happy to wave as you go down 125.:1drink

    If you hit Ark from far SE Ok, there's some killer riding down there too