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    Thanks for reading my post.

    I will be traveling to Baja Mexico in February of 2013 to help build two houses and renovate a third for some families in need. This is all coordinated through a Missionary Group called Baja Bound Ministries. You can find them here:


    Part of the experience is actually raising the money for the trip. I'm not just talking about raising money for the plane tickets and food while I'm there. No. We actually raise all the funds necessary for our group to purchase all the materials to build / renovate the homes. We have a group of 35-40 from our Church going and we each need to raise approximately $1300 to meet our goal.

    To that end, I decided to make Garden Crosses as shown below. These are meant to be placed somewhere visible either in a potted plant or somewhere in your garden as a constant visual reminder of what's most important. Plus, every time you look at your cross, you will feel good knowing your purchase helped make someone's life much, much better.


    What a great Christmas present for the gardener in your life!


    I am trying to sell as many of these as I can to help raise money for the trip. I am donating 100% of the wood, the labor, the shop supplies, and the finish. 100% of all of the GROSS sales of these Garden Crosses goes to fund the Baja Trip. I'm not paying myself back for anything. It all goes to Baja.

    Details on the Garden Crosses:

    They are all made from hardwoods like cherry, oak, maple, spalted maple, purpleheart etc. They are assembled at random. I don't consciously choose which cross piece goes on which post piece...totally random. The wording on the crosses are also done at random (thanks to my lovely wife for this!). The messages will be things like Peace, Hope, Faith, God Lives Here, and Change One Thing.

    These are NOT meant to be fine furniture! These are meant to be used either in the dirt of a potted plant or in the dirt of your garden out in the elements! These are not fine, finished pieces to hang on your living room wall. I put these together quickly to price them low. However, they are all made from hardwood and finished with 2-3 coats of Spar Varnish to keep them protected from the elements. My idea is that the message is more important then making sure every last gap is closed. I also think He would prefer it this way...

    They are about 16" tall and 8" across.


    $12 shipped CONUS for one
    $20 shipped CONUS for two
    $25 shipped CONUS for three

    If you want a lot bigger than three, please PM me and we will work it out.
    I planned on just shipping you a random cross, but if you want one message in particular, please let me know.

    Also, if you really do want something super nice to hang on your wall, PM me and we can work out the details.

    Payment is preferred by paypal to me, which I will provide through PM. However, if you don't trust that your purchase dollars will actually go to the Baja Mission, then please donate directly through their website (in my name please...L. Eberhart) and send me proof and I will mail you the cross(es).

    I hope I remembered everything. A group from our church went last summer and said it was a life changing experience. I've never done a mission trip before, so thanks very much for helping me with my cause.

    PM with any questions! Thanks!
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    Lobster...........give me you PP addy and I'll make a very small donation for the "cause". My wife does Missionary work on Roatan, Honduras with the Youth there.........trying to sustain what little Christian Up-bringing there is located in the community where she stays. I was once told "You can't take it with you.......but you sure can SEND it ahead"!!! Kudos to you for volunteering your time, talents, $$$, and beliefs for your cause. I've heard many a testimony of folks comimg back off Mission work who say "they" were the ones ministered to, not the people they helped.
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    Mark, thanks. I appreciate the kind words. I'll send you a PM for sure. If there is anyway you could help me spread the word, I'd also very much appreciate it.

    God Bless
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    I sent some money via PP gift to you for a cross.
    Thank you, Bill