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Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by leftshark, Sep 10, 2012.

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    Lots of the places i ride to do not have premium fuel available, is adding octane booster to the fregular uel going to do anything or do i just keep looking for better fuel? Options?
    As a side question, i live in Canada and the gas cap calls for 89 octane 87 is standard fuel here. (our fuel because of the way we calculate is better per rating than in the US) Is 89 the minimum or the recommended? Will 91 allow for full performance or is the mapping fine at 89?
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    Have you considered having the regular fuel remap done?
  3. RexBuck

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    My understanding is that our Octane ratings are the same as the US. 87=Regular, 91=Premium and 94=Chevron Supreme Plus. The 91 works fine and 94 works fine - either of these are what BMW requires.
    Most Premium gas in the US is 91 or 92 Octae which works well with our bikes
    Premium gas in Mexico works well with our bikes and is 92 Octane

    I've used regular (87) when no premium was available and was fine if I didn't push too hard.

    There is an "upgrade" flash that the dealer can do that will apparently allow you to use Regular but will cost a bit of mileage.
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    It will run on regular. Occasionally you see posts from people who just fill it with that. I suspect the performance is better and it will run a bit cooler on the higher octane stuff. I figure that if I fill with premium I only get about 89 anyway since in the USA pumps only have one hose and you get about a half gallon of whatever the person before you had in the hose. In fact stations only have two tanks, one for regular gas and one for premium. 89 or mid range is a blend of the two.

    I am planning a ride across Russia. There they have pumps with 80 octane gas. You hear stories of high performance vehicles have had holes burned in their pistons from the pinging at that level of octane. I am defiantly bringing an octane booster for that trip, but I would not bother for Canada. Dave
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    I went to Alaska last summer and had to put in 87 a few times. I carried some octane booster and used it if I had to put in 87 a couple times in a row. Mixing 87 with some 91 already in the tank works OK.

    Open the throttle slow if you have to use a lot of 87. The engine pings when you really add throttle and the timing advances.
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    I asked my dealer about that on the new bike, and he said it'll run okay -- you'll just lose the extra ponies. Presumed it just retarded the time or some such as an auto would.
  7. Loutre

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    Nov 28, 2010
    That's the way I'd go. You lose 2hp (I think) and you'll consume 0.5l more every 100km but at least your sure about your ping rates and at the end of the day the engine will thank you.
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    The twins do not have a knock sensor, and thus can not detect pinging and retard the timing so be careful :evil

    The Re-map or octane boost would be wise IMHO...
    Some of the octane boosters are crap so you have to be careful which one you buy...
    When some of them say "raises octane by 2 points" they don't really mean from 87.0 to 89.0 they mean from 87.0 to 87.2 or some such bull....

    FWIW I found some reviews over on this site:
    (see colm on the right)
    Lucas was one of the best rated....
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    For what its worth. I bought my bike new (2011 F650GS) I always stop at the same Shell station when I am in my own area. I always put premium in. I started having problems with my bike dying when I would pull up to a stop when off throttle. I called to make an appointment to have it looked at. The first thing the service manager asked was "What kind of fuel are you using". When I told him, he said that I should use the base regular gas as the premium fuels in our area were loaded up with ethanol and the bike didn't like it. I started following his advise, doubtful, but I thought I had nothing to lose. It hasnt died since. Coincidence maybe, but it happened exactly that way. Thx Stacy
  10. Emperor Norton

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    That's odd. When I had my F650GS-T I fed it nothing but regular, which IIRC was what the owners manual called for. I thought the 650 was happy with regular while the 800 need premium unless remapped.:ear
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    If your bike will run on regular fuel, that is what you should run in it. There is no benefit in using high octane fuel. Higher octane fuel slows the burn rate to prevent knock and detonation and actually may decrease power in an engine not designed for it.

    The F800gs and F658 have the same displacement and compression ratio. BMW does not state what the ignition advance differences are between the 2, but it is pretty obvious because of the HP differences and what rpm it is made, that the F800 has more aggressive camshafts. That typically requires ignition advance that starts earlier in the engine rotation. The earlier advance makes the engine more susceptible to knock.

    Ethanol slows burn rates also, alcohol by volume, contains less energy than gas and it more difficult to ignite.

    Octane boosters are usually some distillate of oil, alcohol or snake oil. The improvements are measured in tenths of a point.

    The remap has to contain a change to the engine ignition advance. I would expect less performance and probably greater fuel use because of it.
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    I second the recommendation to get the lower octane fuel map. I had my 09 f800GS flashed not long after I bought it and run nothing but regular in it with no issues at all. No detonation at all and it actually smoothed the slightly snatchy throttle off-idle. The fuel consumption went up very slightly, but not enough to bother me whatsoever.