Full face street helmet vs moto style helmet for dual-sport riding

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Sierra Thumper, Oct 30, 2012.


Which do you prefer, full face helmet or moto style for dual-sporting?

  1. Full face, I'm too good-looking to risk damaging my mug

  2. Moto style with goggles....you ride dirt, you better look dirt

  3. Helmets are for kids, old people, and nerds on bicycles

  4. A Harley-tough bandana's good enough for me

  5. Free Hookers for all

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  1. Iwantabikesobad

    Iwantabikesobad Long timer

    Jul 2, 2007
    Bakersfield Ca. USA
    I have been using a Bell full face MX with goggles for approx. 5 years. I use Oakley Crowbar goggles with a nose cover.
    It fit me so well I never gave it much thought. Yes I have got bee's inside it. It is freezing cold in the winter, I covered the mouth vent with tape. Summer it wasn't bad.
    However today I went to the bike shop to pick up a spark plug and the cute new sales gal showed me a new Arai XD-4.
    Crap they are spendy, Just as I was shying away the trap was sprung!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are on sale for 25% off. Just one more day!
    Walked out with it.
  2. Tooltech

    Tooltech Been here awhile

    May 25, 2011
    White Salmon, WA
    I ride the KTM 500 EXC and the KTM 990 SMT and the Arai XD 4 is the perfect solution. One can convert it to a slick, light weight road helmet or a dirt helmet with goggles and visor. Easy to do, no special skills or tools required. I do have a VX Pro 3 as well for track racing. Most road helmets are close to my face and I feel confined. The shape of the dual sport helmets are less confining for me.

    Bottom line is you just have to try on different helmets. Walk around the store with them on ( at least 15 minutes ) you will soon discover pressure points. Never buy a helmet that will " break in " to your head...it never will. Never buy a cheap helmet. Cheap helmets may be extremely strong however, that is NOT what your head needs. The super strong helmet will transfer the impact forces into your head and neck. If your helmet is involved in a wreck ( even a minor wreck ) replace it. If your helmet is 5 years old, replace it...You only are issued one brain, protect it.

    As for the bikers who ride with out a DOT-SNELL helmet...MORONS!
  3. Scott_PDX

    Scott_PDX Leisure Engineer

    Oct 18, 2010
    Portland...the newer one on the left side.
    You need a dual-sport helmet option on your poll.

    I've been pretty happy with a Shoei Hornet DS with Pinlock's for winter riding here in the PNW.
  4. moriver

    moriver Lets Go That Way?

    Aug 25, 2008
    Platte City Missouri
    I use a Neotech with a G9 heaset. It goes on all rides mud, street, trail, slab and when I need a visor I flip the tab and get the Star Wars built in sun visor and love it. The Full face and is a no go...When my face needs a scratch I flip up the front and get er done. The Dual Sport cap......NO...That cool guy sun visor catches wind or gets broken.
  5. Sierra Thumper

    Sierra Thumper Been here awhile

    Oct 3, 2012
    Thats one reason I started this thread....honestly I've been out of the dirt game for so long I wasn't exactly sure what folks were wearing anymore......I didn't even know what a dual-sport helmet was :eek1 I do now tho :thumb I think I might start shopping soon....

    I might check that out with some of the others mentioned :D

    Thanks for all the feedback guys :thumb

    It looks like so far 60% of us like full face coverage.....I kinda prefer it myself. My bike came with a Shoei (spelling?) moto style helmet but I haven't even looked it over close yet....I've just been wearing my Aria street helmet. I'm so used to the full face street that I feel completely fine with it in the gnarliest dirt riding. Plus it lets me hear my tunes very well at slower off road speeds. I usually run with sunglasses and the face shield up or cracked for day riding in the dirt.
    I'm still going to check out some DS helmets tho, always good to keep an open mind, and I didn't even know the new breed of DS helmets existed till this thread :D
  6. robl110

    robl110 Adventurer

    May 6, 2012
    I got a Shoei Hornet DS. It looks cool but I am not a fan of it above 45mph. The visor seems to create a lot of drag. Its like having a wing on top of my head. Maybe I just need to man up and get used to riding with it on my melon. If I had the purchase to do again I would of done some more research. May have ended up with a full face street helmet for in town and used my old moto helmet and goggles for trail riding.
  7. squish

    squish Out of the office.

    Dec 4, 2003
    Where the Ghetto meets the sea.
    I wear my street helmet if the ride is mostly street or fire roads.
    I wear my dirt helmet if the ride is slower trails or slower roads between trails.

    I hated my dual sport helmet it sucked as both an on road and off road lid.
  8. dhb400

    dhb400 No Regrets

    Feb 19, 2012
    Jersey Shore
    AFX-39 Dual sport is what I use. Not so good for strictly street. Great for the dirt.[​IMG]