funny things happen when you look at a used bike...

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    Dec 23, 2003
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    Put my WR250 2-stroke on CL a few years back and had several people call or email asking would you take $XXX (several hundred less than the fairly reasonable price I was asking.) I told them all that, if they asked a few questions or came to look at it and it was not as described, or they simply had cash-in-hand and intent to buy, I'd be willing to negotiate. Not one of those sorry SOB's ever called back, much less came to look. The first viewer gave me my asking price even after I refused him a test ride (I pointed out that it was a bit of a handful to ride - the main reason I was selling it, and as he admitted he was not overly skilled in the dirt, my yard was not the place to try it out. He just said he understood and loaded it in his truck with a big grin on his face.)
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    The thing that I've been hearing around here a lot lately is "What's your bottom dollar?" When people say that to me, they are just begging to get screwed with. :rofl:rofl
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    Dec 31, 2006
    Went to look at a Guzzi Eldo a few years ago that needed just a little "TLC"- according to the seller. Because of his description, I took the trailer. Got there and found the "complete" bike with the recent pro paint work was in boxes and sprayed with a rattle can. The crappy pics didn't show that the tank & fenders were set on the frame. Lots of missing parts.
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    Feb 3, 2013
    Last year I was drooling in anticipation of a new bike, but did not have the scratch to get it. Being a NOOB, I knew I needed something cheap, that I could dent without severe regret, and that parts would be possible to locate (levers, screws, bolts, cables, battery, etc...). I scoured CL until I located an '81 CB650C across the Kentucky border, in a town about 60 miles away. Having not yet even been to a MSF course, I knew there was no way I was ready to test-ride it, but was hoping Providence would fall my way, and that I would not be screwed (If I did not spend the money then, it would evaporate). The day I left to look at the bike, the owner called and said, "I will understand if you don't want to make the trip, but I evidently fried a CDI on the bike. If you are still wanting to come, I will knock off 150 dollars so you can get another one." That seemed fair, as I quickly saw several places I could get them for 80 to 120 bucks a pop. The transaction was smooth, I had him start the bike, run up and down his street and shift up and down, etc. I was happy.

    Since then, I have put in a clutch cable (he told me and showed me the old one (original) was bad), cleaned the carbs (he told me the bike had been sitting up for three months and that he had a fuel leak and had been using ethanol:eek1, and that this old a bike might have unseen issues, but he was not aware of any others. He got it several months before). I just this last week pulled the rear wheel to replace the back tire, and the bearings and brakes are great front and rear, but I had until today a minor carb issue still. I think it is fixed now. Overall, I cannot say I am unsatisfied with the expenditure of about $700 spent at purchase. Providence worked for me this time.

    Next time? We shall see....:dunno

    (ed.) Of course, I have spent that much or more since then on the MSF course, tire, assorted knicknacks, leather/gear, shocks and springs, fuel line, spark plugs, etc....
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    When I was looking for a 950/990 Supermoto, I got my cash together. I found about 6 of them. And I was also looking at Tuonos. All of the sudden, all Tuonos and KTM Supermotos are nowhere to be found. The ones that were there earlier, were not there now. I sent about 5 emails to the guys I was in contact with about their Supermotos, the Tuonos were all sold by now, and it was only a few days. And none of them answered back. Finally, I found a stock one, as I mentioned earlier in this thread. And bought it the next day. 5 days after that, my first choice emailed me back, it was a 990, mapped, piped, dyno'd at 113 hp, just a very well set up 3000 mile bike. But I was happy with the one I've got.
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    I had that happen when I sold my previous motorcycle...all from folks who hadn't yet viewed the bike in person. One fellow, who self-identified as active duty Army (what relevance does that have to the sale?) was particularly aggressive on the phone. After a brief lecture on his efficient buying history, he said he'd come over if he had a "hard quote" from me.

    At this point in the conversation, I had my fill of Sgt. Awesome. I quoted $500.00 above the listed price, explaining that this was my premium for having to deal with guys with personalities like his. He didn't immediately reply, so I said that one more call from him (I have Caller ID) would get him reported to the phone company. I then said, "Good luck, hero" and hung up.

    I eventually sold the bike to a pleasant fellow a few towns away. He had a devil of a time finding my place (no GPS; a bit simple in the head), so I reduced our agreed-upon price by an additional $100.00 as a way of saying thanks for seeing things through.
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    I've always noticed the wet spot on the concrete below the bike. Would it kill ya to push it 10'? :)

    I've had some odd experiences selling stuff on CL. I wish I could avoid the weirdos, but that's the price you pay to get your ad out to a wide variety of people for free.
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    I start quoting over my ask price as well. It just blows their minds.
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    i have done this several times. when all is said and done and all paper work is loaded or about to be ridden away i have given back 1 of the hundred dollar bills as a thank you for showing up when they said they would and not being an asshole.
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    Pics or it didn't you FF's are slipping. :lol3
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    I had a guy call, that wanted to buy my dodge pick up.
    Saw it on CL. liked the price...... Told him he had wrong number.
    He kept calling back at all times for days,offered me $500 over price.
    Still the wrong number...I finnaly gave in and sent him to the next town,
    "Just off 1st street,can't miss it."......I have never owned a truck, hope he found it :D
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    Looked at a '09 ZX6R awhile back, fairly low miles, looked really nice in the ad.
    When I got there I noticed it was a re-paint and some of the smaller body pieces were missing, so I said, tell me about the bike, he says, don't know a damn thing about the bike, I buy 'em and flip for a little profit.
    Didn't buy it but it least he was honest.

    Sold a '02 Buell Cyclone with some hard 47,000 miles. I put a fair price of $2,700 on the ad. First guy calls about 30 min after posting the ad, just wants directions to my house. I was kinda worried about some kid used to silky smooth in-line fours showing up. Guy pulls up on a Buell Lightning, rides it down the road and says, I'll go get my truck, easiest sell I've ever had.
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    May 1, 2013
    My short history on buying/selling bikes isn't as eventful as some ive read on here.

    About 3 years ago, before I had my MSF course, I got my own "expert" to come along with me, and we looked at a few bikes that were obviously vastly misrepresented.
    Finally showed up to a '82 Suzuki GS650L (Turned out to be an '81). My friend took it for a test drive, and I ended up driving the car back to the Dorms. Got it for about $1200 I think.
    There were a few problems with it, I got really good at disassembling the carbs.
    Had it for a year and a half, then sold it to another beginner for $1500, I told them all the work I put into it, and there was no longer anything wrong with it, ect. Good experience buying/owning/selling that bike.

    The next month, found a nice '02 Vee for $4k. Going from a 1981 4 cylinder 650cc bike to a modern twin literbike was eye opening. It was also scary to the previous owner, who bought it to ride with his buddies and got scared after 100 miles after doing all the maintenance it needed (thanks buddy!).

    Would like to have a good story of selling that bike, but a minivan turning left in front of me (uninsured too, asshat) ended up with me selling the remains (engine still good) to a mechanic for $50. At least I got to part out the (slightly) used luggage system, and I got to ride a big modern bike for a month...

    That was last summer, and its been a year without a bike. Im getting antsy and am hoping to find a good bike on here or the stromtrooper forums.

    Im hoping to have a story soon of a crazy buyer flying from Alaska and riding back home.
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    Jan 25, 2007
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    I've been lucky, mostly good buying experiences. Bought a DR650 from a guy here. Rented a truck, drove out, met a pleasant gentleman and his wife. He watched me drop the bike into his bushes 5 minutes after handing him the cash, then helped me load it into the truck:rofl.

    The most fun i've had is selling bikes and cars on Craiglist.
    -1991 Toyota Camry- Looked like total shit, rust everywhere, but it ran and drove. Asked $900 iirc, clearly stated it was no where near perfect, good first car. A couple show up, drive the car, they have some cash, but not enough. I have other people interested in the car, so i say if they leave a deposit i have no problem waiting for payday next week. She pulls out a crisp $100 bill, we shake hands and they are off. i park the car on the street. Week goes by, no phone call. Another week, nothing. I email her, ask what's up. She replies after a few days saying they couldn't come up with the money... Free $100 i guess...:huh

    -2004 Honda VFR- Guy and his friend came down after the phone deal was made. We look the bike over, go to the bank, come back, guy is going to ride it home. He goes up the road for a quick spin to get the feel of it before hitting the highway back. Returns with one of the mirrors in his pocket and scratches down the fairing on one side and the bag. Verify he is ok, he rides home.

    -1996 R1100GS- ended up trading the DR for this, just to sell it. Guy comes to look at it. Rides it, likes it, says he'll be back. no problemo. Comes back later that week with cash, wants to ride it up the road again. I have cash, do whatever ya want bro. He rolls back in the driveway, while the bike is still moving around 2mph he stops, bike keeps going...:evil Bike falls, still running. He gets up and looks a little shaken. I walk over, turn it off, then teach him how to pick it up:wink:. No damage to the bike that wasn't already there, good to go.
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    PLEASE tell me you punched the minivan driver in his everlovin' face.
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    This ^^^^^^ and a boot to the ass...:D
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    My approach is just like yours.