Garmin 276C, waypoint recieve from device

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    I thought I would share a problem that I just found a solution for.
    I was on the phone for probably a half hour with Garmin over this.
    Last year I noticed I couldn't pull waypoints from my 276C and got some error with little information. I really wanted to save some new waypoints I had on there so I was a bit frustrated but it was not a big deal at the time. Now vacation is looming and I wanted this problem sorted out. Level 1 tech support was no help beyond suggesting I upload the latest version of Mapsource. She was nice enough to wait so I did. The problem was still there so we head to level 2 tech support and a longer wait time. My last line of my error message started with GLO_TIME followed by some numbers. He said that may have to do with my GPS time and computer time on different zones. That wasn't the problem but double checked for them. He wondered if I had a corrupted waypoint which I suggested to the level 1 techie. :huh
    I could pull tracks from the GPS but not waypoints.
    He was surprised when I said I had 1600+ loaded. He puts me on hold for a couple minutes to talk to other techies about my problem. I said I was probably going to erase my waypoints from the GPS while he was discussing this issue. About 30 waypoints didn't erase and the unit locked up for about 20 seconds. The second time the last 30 or so waypoints did erase. I loaded a small waypoint file and it would send back to my computer. Tried it again with another file adding it to the GPS and sending back into a new file.
    He comes back on the phone shortly and was going to have me delete those waypoints.
    after I got off the phone I remember that my old laptop had a dead memory battery in it last time I successfully communicated waypoints back and forth.
    I would have to set the clock before it would boot up. hmmmmmmm