Garmin 60CSx - removing Viapoint Names

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by TrappedAtWork, Feb 12, 2013.

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    Hi All,

    I have been using my GPS unit for tracking where we have been riding throughout a day or weekend, doing this for a few years now. More recently I have been navigating to new areas using Routes. I have made several attempts at this, with the usual user errors, etc... but I have it sorted now and can navigate successfully.

    However the viapoint names can be long and annoying on the small CSx screen. So I would like to eliminate these.

    I have been doing a fair bit of goggling attempting to get the viapoint names to disappear when my Route is transferred to from Basecamp to my GPS unit.

    I create the tracks manually by placing each individual viapoint in Basecamp then export to GPX format.

    I have attempted to provide an empty string the name element, as well as the comment and description elements. I have also attempted using "." and "a" as replacements, in order to make the text displayed smaller.

    When I import the GPX file into base camp, all is well. The name of the viapoints are either empty, "a" or ".". Example below

    However, when the file is transferred to the GPS unit, the description is usually shown on the unit as "Road".

    It appears no matter what you attempt to do to eliminate the Viapoint names in Basecamp, the GPS will still place a name over the via point, based on what is at that location on the map.

    Further, I have attempted to modify the map settings on the unit itself and turned off the label text for all settings, so in theory no text should be displayed at all, but this does not change the result, Viapoint names are still displayed.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    I have not tried this myself but.....


    Seems to have an option to:

    "Option 3 makes via points and direction points in calculated routes invisible, the waypoints remain visible. If
    you send such a route to your GPS receiver, via points and direction points are also invisible on the GPS
    screen making it better readable. Only receivers not recalculating routes automatically support this option
    and for the moment this are the Zumo's and certain NĂ¼vi's. Such a route can be recognized by the # sign at
    the beginning of the name.
    It is not allowed to recalculate a route with invisible via points. The GPS receiver has to be set for such a

    direct route to “Not over the road” preventing the receiver from recalculating this route."

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    I solve this problem by creating waypoints and giving them short names and then draw the route thru them. Then the waypoints show up even when I don't have the route turned on and am navigating with tracks.