Garmin City Navigator v6 street name fix

Discussion in 'Australia' started by BurnieM, Oct 6, 2005.

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    Sep 24, 2003
    Sydney, Australia
    Garmin have released an update for City Navigator Australia v6 called 'City Navigator Australia v6.01'

    Mapping data is the same but there were some issues with street names;
    ie normally Green Lane would be abbrieviated as 'Green Ln', Bay Street as 'Bay St' and Lane Cove Road as 'Lane Cove Rd' etc
    Unfortunately Lane Cove Road was being abbrieviated as 'Ln Cove Rd' and Bay Street as 'By St' etc so searches would fail if you used the correct name. v6.01 fixes this.

    Your v6 unlock code will work with v6.01

    GME has update CDs