garmin g60csx basecamp/mapsource which one???

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  1. grumpyman

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    Jan 16, 2011
    ok i have now regged my device and now i need to know if i should be using the 24k topo west to run in the device ??
    i was able to d/load city nav but they apparently cannot run in my garmin at the same time.
    i know guys used these devices for d/sport so
    what programs did you use in basecamp/mapsource to build your routes??
    and did you just then lay them onto the topo in the device
    if there is a tutorial please point me at it as i am getting infoburn from the frustration

    i am more than happy to pay for your time if you think you can help

    i just wanna find/set/map some routes and get them into the device and go ride
  2. Countdown

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    Oct 20, 2003
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    First most people who ride mostly dirt use Tracks not Routes. They either hand draw the tracks for get existing active log tracks from others on the Internet like form or

    As to 60 setup check ouit

    Yes you can only see one map at a time. Most people currently use City Nav very few use topo. There are just too many lines on the little screen. However, I prefer the very old Roads & Rec. I have Topo also loaded but very seldom ever turn it on. I used it last weekend while looking for a new trail because I wanted to see how steep the mountain was and where the draws were.

    See Pantah's comment in other 60 thread, very typical 60 user.
  3. jackalsour

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    Dec 14, 2010

    That is what I use to build custom routable map for my 60csx from openstreetmap (I paid for Garmin maps... they can't compete with crowd sourced maps) It's as simple as choosing the area you want and putting a file on your sd card (which can also be loaded in Basecamp for planning)

    In my experience so far (Europe, Asia, Africa) openstreetmaps has most any trails that a motorbike can use, even biking/hiking trails etc (so I imagine the USA is covered as well by now as well)

    I found the Topo maps useless on a 60, and I also find it too much trouble to build/calculate a big route. Just map some waypoints