Garmin GPSMAP 640 Topo mode

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by willcasp, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. willcasp

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    I understand in firmware update 3.6 that you can now have TOPO maps on your Garmin 640 while in marine mode. This would allow XMWX weather along with useful information on the screen (TOPO).

    Has anyone tried this, or can confirm this? How do the tracks work in "marine" mode?

    I am considering getting one of these units to run along with an existing BMW Navigator III that will handle the road routing.
  2. QualityAir

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    If i can get my 640 back from my son-in law this evening, I'll download the update tonight, and review as soon as possible.
  3. Curtis

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    Did anyone ever get this topo marine mode to work?
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    Jun 17, 2010
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    Bump, did anyone get this to work?
  5. go2cnavy

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    Yes topo now available in auto mode, but still NO SAVE TRACKS unless in Marine mode.

    Below from Garmin website:{4d416c50-bfa0-11df-c826-000000000000}

    Starting with software version 3.60, both the GPSMAP 620 and 640 are able to display TOPO maps on both the Car and Boat modes. Please download and run Garmin Express in order to update the software on the GPSMAP 620 or 640.

    Once the software is updated, the GPSMAP 640 is able to display TOPO maps on both Boat and Car modes, and the GPSMAP 620 is able to display TOPO maps on Boat mode. TOPO mapping can be used on the Car mode of the GPSMAP 620; however there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration before the mapping will work on the device.

    The issue is that the GPSMAP 620 is not preloaded with any detailed road mapping, so the Car mode is not accessible until the road mapping (City Navigator NT) is installed onto an SD card in the device.

    The City Navigator NT and TOPO mapping programs have to be purchased on the DVD format so they can be installed on a computer. Once both mapping products are installed on the computer, the area needed can be selected from both products and sent to the SD card that is inserted into the device.

    When both maps are installed on the SD card, the device can then be booted into the Car mode as the device now sees the City Navigator NT mapping installed.

    Once in the Car mode, please follow these instructions to disable the City Navigator NT mapping which will allow the TOPO mapping to be displayed:

    Press the Tools button in the lower right corner of the screen
    Choose Settings
    Choose Map
    Press the Map Info button in the bottom middle of the screen
    Touch the option for CN North America NT to uncheck the box to the left of it
    Make sure TOPO still has a checkmark beside it
    Press and hold the Back button for a few seconds to get back to the main screen
    When viewing the map, the TOPO mapping will now appear. If the road mapping is needed at any time, simply follow the instructions above and turn on the City Navigator NT mapping.

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