Garmin Maps for Mexico and Central America

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    I got interested and started searching. You can download PDFs of their state maps at:
    If you look to the right, you see that they also have newer digital maps you can download, but they look to be the same thing as the slightly older maps but smaller in size.

    They have an office in Mexicali. Unfortunatley, it's a 45 minute walk from the border so one can't just pop in to get one. I don't know what the border crossing is like in a vehicle so it might take about the same time to go in a car or I guess one could take a taxi. The address is: Ejército Nacional 780, Nueva, 21100 Mexicali, B.C., Mexico. The phone number is: +52 686 568 9236

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    I think the best GPS maps for anywhere in the world, these days, including Mexico are the Open Street Maps, downloaded from:

    Leave the executable files with their original name, as it's then easier to convince Win 10 and your antivirus program to run them.

    Rename the .img files to describe what they are. If your GPS can only find gmapsupp.img files, then you can give them that name just before uploading to the GPS.
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    OSM MAPS for Garmin and other satnav devices.

    Here is a direct link to the OpenStreetMap OSM website with free downloadable basemaps for Garmin devices using Mapsource or Basecamp. A little googling around may yield a similar page for other brand devices.

    Simply choose Generic Routable type, region (Mexico in this case), and download the executable map pack. The executable file will install the OSM basemap for Mexico into Basecamp or Mapsource, similarly to City Navigator or other map set. Once the basemap is loaded into Basecamp/Mapsource, you can upload the map into your Garmin unit, alongside the Mexico region of city navigator if you have space on the unit.

    I've installed the OSM maps in my Garmin 276c and they show up and work fine, including auto-routing. To best of my knowledge, the latest Official Garmin maps available for the old 276c are the City Navigator 2013 which I have. I've found on previous trips that the Garmin City Nav 2013 maps have a usable amount of major, minor, and even dirt, roads in Mexico, though not some of the newer roads or dirt roads. The OSM maps seem to have all of the latest roads as well as some of the smaller local dirt roads. It's a good additional reference and can be loaded into your gps unit alongside your existing City Nav or other maps as long as you've got space on your data card.

    On another note, the iOS and Android app is free, uses the same free OSM map data, and works offline. It's a great companion to your GPS for large scale mapping and route planning.

    Hope this helps...

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    Here is a link to a site with pre-built maps for Mexico and South most of the rest of the world. Also use OpenStreetMaps.