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  1. c-m

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    I recently bought a bike that came with a Garmin Quest sat nav.

    I know that they are pretty ancient now, but it seems useful enough, and I have Navfree on my phone as a backup.

    I've seen many people complain that the Quest doesn't have enough memory for them up upload routes etc..

    I'm confused. The device already has European / American, etc.. (delete as appropriate) maps on it. Why do you need to upload further maps with your route?
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    The older City Select maps that came with the Quest originally were fairly sparse but you could load a lot of regions into a Quest. The later City Navigator maps have a lot more detail, and you have to be selective about the areas you want loaded. City Select is quite useable but I don't think the maps have been updated for a while.

    The Quest is a good little unit and still very popular, especially with walkers and cyclists. Main shortcoming with the Quest 1 is inability to input Postcode search, but this was rectified on the Quest 2.
  3. Graywarrant

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    I have had the Quest II since about 2006/7 timeframe and am very happy with it's capabilities. Though dated, the maps work for me. The unit has a slow processor so sometimes in small towns with multiple turns things can get a little dicey, but that then becomes part of the adventure.

    It sounds like you too may have the Quest II unit which came with more memory and full NA map set.

    It's a capable unit depending on your needs, of course map updates or ability to display topo is out of the question.

    For me it's meets my needs.