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    Just a note to share how great an experience I have had with Garmin and also GPS city.

    My Montana 650 (bought in 2011) has just pooched itself.

    I have had the sporadic battery issues and have done the fix of putting a little tape inside for it to stop moving.

    This all but solved the issue but sometimes it would cut out on a particularly bumpy road - screen would go dead - I would pull over, pop out the battery - back in and it would be fine.

    I have loved this unit so very much...

    Anyway, last weekend it did it again but this time nothing... no start up nothing. Not even a glimmer of anything.

    After I got home - into the computer, the wall socket overnight, out with the battery and some AA's... nothing at all. Card in and out nothing... Done!

    Called Garmin and asked what I should do.

    He said - sounds like two issues but either way we have to get you a unit because of the battery. Refurb unit no problem - done. No charge but shipping.

    So that is cool after two years.

    Then I remembered I got it at GPScity and thought I would throw that business their way and they said - wait a second you got the $40 extended warranty.

    We'll send you a brand new unit no questions - put it in a box send it back - the new unit is waiting here to go out.

    1 - Garmin was super cool and asked for nothing - one call - one extension - first guy I spoke to - took care of it.

    2 - GPS city reminded me that if you service your clients well - they will come back and the tech also reminded me - that I had the extended warranty and took care of it all - no questions. Not - we have to see the unit... but, here take a new one.

    Perfect. Highly recommended.